Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Raving squirrels...

I saw this one someone else's blog and it totally sums up my quilting at the moment...

I've been working on at least 4 different projects and only one is done and the other 3 aren't anywhere near a finish...and there is another quilt or two I'd love to play with too...raving squirrels...

Let's see if I can pinpoint where it all started...oh yeah...  this is my almost complete Arcade quilt top...the fabric is Saturday Morning by Basic Grey...

things were going well till I sewed the top half to the bottom half... I spent an hour making sure all my intersection where the quarter square triangles met the sashing were as perfect as I could get them... but I totally forgot to check if the sashing top and bottom lined up.... spoiler...they don't...grrrr!!!!

It starts out fine in the middle but the further you get to either end it gets more and more off... I need to take this seam apart and either mark the sashing to get it to line up or maybe insert cornerstones...and then I'll spend another hour getting those quarter square triangle corners perfect... and well I didn't want to do that...so I didn't... instead I started something new...well I actually started two new projects...

Now both of these quilts are using American Jane fabrics from my stash, but they have different backgrounds... the checkerboards on the right side have a yellow polka dot background and the flowers on the right have a blue polka dot background. As for the checkerboard blocks which are 49 squares each, I need 16 of those.... and the flower blocks I need 15 flower heads ...I'm making 5 different ones and then 3 of each of  those and 15 sets of leaves. I LOVE these happy American Jane fabrics!

But then another squirrel darted into the house... I'd seen a picture of a quilt on IG that I liked...you can see it here... it is the Double Slice pattern that was on Missouri Star a while ago...here's a link to that video. I'd liked this pattern when I first saw it but I REALLY like it with the sashing and well... I HAD to try it RIGHT NOW!!

I have plenty of layer cakes but this one was on top of the table and yes, I did just get done making another top with this fabric... it is an old Momo called Just Wing It... it has a 70's vibe as I think all of Momo's stuff does, and reminds me of vintage sheets when the world, and my Mom, cleaned out their linen closets of plain white sheets and bought new colorful printed ones.

This sews up in a flash and no two blocks are identical...here are 36 of the 42 I made.

I'd like to sash this with a Moda Grunge and use some of the still leftover fabric I have from this line for cornerstones... just need yardage of the Grunge. This isn't a final arrangement of the blocks, I just slapped them up there and looking at a photo makes it easier to rearrange.

And speaking of Grunge and this collection of Momo... well... the other squirrel I've been playing with it this table runner...

This is the third time I've made this pattern for a  table runner and the third time I've used Moda Grunge as a background...this time it is soft olive-y sage-y green with  mini charm squares from the Momo Just Wing it...hey when I like a collection of fabric I REALLY REALLY REALLY like it!!  LOL

I quilted it with a big wavy line and some variegated Sulky I had in my stash...here's a close up...

I think it goes well with the rug and is a nice background for my little pots of lavender... real lavender... smells so good!

So that's what my squirrels have been doing...and I have a feeling they will continue to rave on for a while... darn squirrels...LOL!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That table runner is great! LOL I seem to have a squirrel problem too!!

  2. Love the table runner you created -- pretty blocks with the grunge background. Thanks for sharing your projects!

  3. So sorry that the sashing doesn't line up. That's a real bummer. Hope it doesn't take too long to fix. Unsewing just isn't as satsifying as real sewing.

  4. Life would be so boring without all those squirrels! Gotta go chase one now. Claire aka knitnkwilt

  5. You can certainly say that you have a lot of projects going on and love that table runner...

  6. Have you stopped by to visit me on IG - I've had a huge Squirrel Rave happening on my design wall for several weeks. Having so much fun - the Rave is not a bad thing. LOL

    wabbit4412@aol.com is my e-mail - can't seem to read if you respond to the one that shows up here.

  7. I think I must have drunken chipmunks at a toga party!

  8. It's been a while since I dropped in to visit you - what a treat to see all the stuff you have going on! Those squirrels are actually doing you a favor, in my opinion. I love all of your projects, but especially that table runner. I'm drooling! The wavy quilting is so inspiring! I'm going to try that on my next project. Keep feeding those squirrels!

  9. How very frustrating that things did not meet up. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a quilter until I drove myself crazy trying to make things meet perfectly all the time!!!!!!!I do like the runner and it looks so pretty with the lavender. Why don't you make a trip out here in July and I will take you to the lavender festival? They have fields of beautiful lavender.The smell is just amazing!

  10. Hi Carol! I'm loving your AMerican Jane makings. FYI: I'm your newest follower! Just added you to my blogroll. Stop by: http://myplvl.blogspot.com/

  11. I think I must have drunken chipmunks at a toga party!



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