Friday, August 11, 2017

Yarn is sneaky....

Yarn is sneaky.... that is the only explanation I can come up with to explain how so many skeins of yarn have appeared in my home recently... I'm not exactly sure how they get into the house... here is my mail slot outside...

The mailman shoves it into the slot and it comes out here...

See that little white door... sometimes when a package is big it pops right out on the floor...easy peasy... I don't even have to go outside... this is waaaaayyy too enabling...LOL!!  Now how it actually finds its way to my door is another story we are going to ignore at the moment... I seem  to have picked up some sort of digital tick which has me clicking on icons with baskets and carts...

So here are the new goodies I have to play with...

A skein of Miss Babs in lovely shades of green called Succulents... jade, sage, aqua, mint... so pretty... I'm thinking a shawl.

And then this skein appeared, I was totally smitten by the name "Lady Edith", my favorite character from Downton Abbey ...

This is from The Yarn at Home Mom ... here's a link to her Etsy shop.  These are not colors I would normally pick but I like the dark gray and the speckly sea glass green. I looked on Ravelry and if knit up as socks it is a gives a little stripe pattern..not sure what this will be but somehow I don't see Lady Edith in wool socks so again I'm thinking a shawl.

And then the other day I got sucked into another couple of skeins of yarn by the name but also by the colors. These skeins are from Must Stash Yarn... great name for an indie dyer...of course we MUST STASH yarn... these two skeins are from a series she is doing based on the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album... the soundtrack of my teen years...

The mini yellow skein will be heels and toes for the top skein which I undid called Land Of Submarines... here's what it will look like knit up...

Isn't that cool???  She dyes them  and packages them so you will get two identically striped socks... now you know I don't usually do identical socks ...but I may this time... or I may start at the other end of the skein and have them go in reverse order... stay tuned.

The second skein is called Sgt.'s Score... I've ordered some pink and orange mini skeins for heels/toes/ribbing.

And then.. I know again with another skein... yep ... 2 more snuck in... I've noticed lately they seem to be traveling in pairs... safety in numbers, right?  These are two skeins of Malabrigo Mechita...

The top one is Anniverasario and the bottom one is Hojas  which means leaves and makes sense since it is has lovely dark green shades. These skeins were free... I purchased them through Amazon using my Cashback Bonus money from using my Discover card. I run a lot of purchases through this card and the Cashback Bonus is my mad money... I spend it on stuff I don't need but I want ...and I wanted this yarn because I had started this shawl...

This is Stormy Sky  ... a free pattern on Ravelry which you can see here. It is an easy pattern with 4 sections that repeat... a garter stripe, a dropped stitch stripe, another garter stripe, a yarn over strip... easy to knit and remember. Well I saw several version of this shawl done in the Malabrigo Mechita but I couldn't wait to start so I broke out this skein of Misti Alpaca in the Reaggeton colorway... it is a cloudy day here and I'm not sure you can fully see how bright this skein is. It reminds me of a Mexican serape or a stack of my Fiestaware dishes... here's a close-up.

The alpaca is very soft  and all those bright colors are a pick me up on a gray cloudy day... I think it will be a cheerful pick me up all winter long.

So that is the state of affairs in the yarn department at my house. I did this post today because Judy at The Patchwork Times has revived her Friday link up dealing with yarn and knitting. I really missed it as it motivated me to get something done to show... thanks Judy for doing this again...go here and see what Judy and others are up to in the yarn area... I'm sure there will be some lovely things to see and drool over.

It has been a busy week... an appointment or lunch or something  that HAD to be done every day this week. Tomorrow there is NOTHING on the calendar and I hope to keep it that way. Why is it that when we are young we don't want  to stay home but the older I get the more I LOVE to stay home.

ok ... I don't go to bed early... but I don't get up early either... but sleeping is still more satisfying as an adult than it ever was as a child.

Here's hoping everyone has a lovely weekend!

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. I go for days without darkening the door. Of course, when it's so hot and humid, who wouldn't stay inside?

  2. I wished I had a magic slot in my door that yarn could fly through!!!
    How lucky you are--love all those colors of yarn--but then I haven't seen too many colors of yarn I don't like--I just printed out the shawl pattern and when i get the pair of socks finished for my girl friends birthday--I may just have to make this one--so thanks for sharing the pattern!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. Lovely yarns and I'm sure they will be turned into something beautiful!

  4. Lovely yarn! You've got so fun project picked out. I love the blue and yellow socks.

  5. Oh I just love Miss Babs too--I have made 4 Yowza shawls--(2 gifted) and 2 for a little scarf-ette. I like that succulent color..hugs, Julierose

  6. Whew....I'm glad I don't knit! I'd probably have a problem with sneaky yarn too. Have fun making pretty things!!

  7. Your yarns are so great looking. Lucky you to have a special slot for them to come in by. Maybe I should get one of those! I love the yellow and blue socks you have planned. All those bright colors of shawl yarns would drive me insane because I'd want to stop doing everything else and start knitting up a storm. Have not had time lately to do much knitting and it's killing me. I will watch your progress and hope it fulfils my need! lol

  8. I just can't wait to see all the wonderful socks you will be knitting with all that pretty yarn!! That guys is so funny but it is true. Like you, I enjoy not going to bed so early and not getting up early. After 30 years of getting up at 6 am, I love sleeping till at lest 8!!!

  9. You can just hibernate this winter while you knit with all those new yarns! I love the self striping yarns for socks!

  10. Too funny about the sneaky yarn that just shows up at your house!!! I'll have to use that one on my husband one day when he says something about how many packages are arriving! :)

  11. You make me want to go out and buy yarn...

  12. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..


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