Sunday, November 5, 2017

Blasted Time Change for a Slow Stitching Sunday...

Well it is that time of the year again when for no good reason we change the time ... yes I know this is the "good" change where we gain an hour ... and I am grateful for an extra hour... but I still just want them to leave it alone!!!  Okay...rant over... I will say it has been a very productive day...

Woke up and hour early...oh yeah, time change... met son and daughter-in-law for breakfast... came home and decided to take advantage of the warm temps and work in the yard... did a little garden clean up but still have zinnias, lantana, guara, hydrangeas and dahilas that haven't given up the bloom... left those... put away the porch furniture and swept the porch... planted a couple of bulbs... well more than a couple... I did 100 little allium bulbs... this variety is suppose to be more pinky than purple and smaller than the others I've planted... planted 75 daffodil bulbs in pots on my  patio... put another 100 daffodil bulbs into 5 long narrow planter boxes. Now I had planned to add the 100 daffodils... cute little ones called Tete-a- tete.. to my window boxes... but I planted ornamental cabbages and kale in the boxes about 6 weeks ago and they are still going strong... they may last all winter... so I planted the bulbs in the narrow planter boxes and put them out on the edges of the patio. I figure I can transplant them to the window boxes in Spring...fingers crossed.

As for stitching and decorating I've been productive too... I put away the Halloween stuff and moved on to Thanksgiving...

I LOVE my Grungy Gourds quilt!!!   And it fits perfectly above the IKEA bench/cubbies. Terry Finnerty quilted this in a panto that is called Peacock Feather, as I remember, but I see a wood grain texture and in this case a pumpkin-y texture... doesn't it look like the ridges on a pumpkin?

And this may be my favorite pumpkin...

No, I think this is my favorite...

Moda Grunge is just sooooo cool!!!

And I turkey-fied my 3 tier tray...

I don't have any new cross stitch for the tray but I'd like to do some small turkey pieces...

However the shelf unit is sporting some new and some old stitching....

I finished Margo (Autumn Keeper by Barbara Ana Designs)  ala Priscilla  and I very happy with her...

I mounted her on sticky board and then mounted that on another fabric covered sticky board... the shaped back piece that is olive is clipboard frame I got for half price at Hobby Lobby last year (does anyone pay full price at Hobby Lobby?)  ... I took the clip off so I could center the piece  and added a burlap bow with a bit of frou-frou... and did you notice the chicken???  It was suppose to be a crow so it was a short jump to make it a chicken.. and now I've put my mark on this piece!!!

I moved my two Blackbird Design pieces over to my two tier table...

I hadn't displayed any cross stitch here before. but I like how it looks and I'm always on the prowl for new places to display  my stuff... a minimalist I am NOT...LOL

So I'm set till Christmas rolls around... and I still have stuff I want to make for Christmas...I'm really enjoying cross stitching at the moment ... and new charts seem to be sneaking into my house. That Tournicoton one I talked about last week can see it here... and I think I'll have to at put a couple of stitches into it tonight... although I should work on my cross stitch Christmas gifts first... but I probably won't because I wanna play!!!

Since this post includes quilting and cross stitch and decorating I'm going to link up to several blogs today and tomorrow...

Well from the sounds of the thunder outside,  I made a wise choice to work in the yard earlier... everything should get watered in nicely.   The week ahead isn't too busy so there should be plenty of stitching time... hope your week is a good one too!

happy stitching-
carol fun 


  1. Carol, Everything looks very the pumpkin quilt.
    What's the name of the Alphabet Sampler on your black shelf? Is it a Drawn Thread? I feel Is hold know but can't recall!
    Have a good week! I just told my hubby tonight, it' getting to be Cincy chili time!!!

  2. Oh you have such a pretty staging area set up for your goodies! I need to have more seasonal items on display...i like that tray a lot. Hugs, Julierose

  3. It is so much fun to stop by and see what you are doing for seasonal displays. Love the grungy pumpkins!

  4. You and I have been on the same page Carol. I started tidying up the front porch and back patio on Tuesday - finished winterizing everything plant-wise on Saturday. We've had a hard frost and the dahlias are toast, though my salvias and fuchsias are still okay which delights the hummingbirds. I have some bulbs to set out and up in pots - not nearly as many as you though - wow! Grungy Goards is a visual delight. Enjoyed looking at all your autumnal decorating - you have a very good eye - I think most quilters do.

  5. This time thing drives me crazy too. I was wide wake at 7:30 this am. However, it not as bad as it was when I had small children. That was a real nightmare!! I love that pumpkin quilt. In fact, everything looks so pretty for November. I can't wait to see your yard and garden this spring. I have s few bulbs to plant in containers this Fall. I have not tried that before. But our weather just turned awful for a few days. We even had snow flurries. Now last week it was in the 60's so I have been going around freezing. I do hope we can finish with the big yard jobs this week. It is suppose to go back to the moderate NW weather (temps in the 50's) I hope!!!!!

  6. I need to have more seasonal items on display...i like that tray a lot. Hugs, Julierose


  7. Love the gourd quilt! It looks like a wood grain texture to me, I don't know much about quilting but I really like how that looks like it would take while to do all that stitching?

  8. Love your Thanksgiving/Harvest/fall displays! Your Grunge Gourd quilt is stunning. I'm not a fan of the time change; I wish they would pick one way and go with it. Have a good week!

  9. Wow, the quilting design on the pumpkin quilt really looks like grooves in a pumpkin. I like it a lot. Thanks for linking up with Design Wall Mondays, Judy.

  10. Your displays all looks lovely and festive!

  11. The grungy gourds quilt looks awesome as a backdrop for the autumn display! I love how it turned out! Your house is so festive!

  12. Your Thanksgiving decorations are precious! Love the handmade touches that add so much warmth and love! Congratulations on finishing Margo! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Your grunge pumpkins are very fun. Looks like you are all ready for Thanksgiving. Gorgeous decorations.

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