Saturday, December 30, 2017

Yarn-y Indecision....

Hello ... hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday... I have no clue what day of the week it is and even when I look at my phone to confirm the day and date I immediately forget it.... some how  my pea brain has decided that Christmas Day and New Year's Day are Sundays... but they aren't... they are Mondays this year... and thus I can't keep the days straight.

Well it is cold here in SW Ohio... not as cold as other spots in the US and you have my deepest sympathy if you are located in those spots. Its been running about 20  to 25 degrees below average... high temps in the teens and twenties, the low temps for the next week in single digits... brrrrr..... and I looked... I shouldn't have but I did... there are 79 days till Spring arrives... big sigh...

So I'm curled up inside watching Big Dude nap...he is such a good napper... and playing with my knitting. I have an embarrassment of riches in the area of yarn... right now I'm knitting another version of the Stormy Sky shawl... free pattern you can see here... in another colorway of Misti Alpaca...

This colorway is called Treasure...and it puts  me in the mind of an old scrap quilt... I love the bits of orange and peach and green and yellow and aqua and turquoise and you get  the point. I loved the version I did before but those colors say Fall to me while this one says Winter...this is an easy knit... but so many other things are calling my name... there are two other shawls I've started  which are languishing in ziploc bags next to my chair, that I'd like to do and several ball of yarn in the basket, on the table sending out siren sounds. I have determined that for next year... heck next several years... no probably the rest of my life time... I should first shop my stash before I buy any new yarn... I SHOULD do it... but I probably WON'T... oh well.

And the Opal Advent Calendar was gorgeous this year... as you may remember I purchased not one but two of these wonderful calendars and I am very happy I did... here are all the scrumptious little mini- skeins that are now mine mine MINE!!!

Now you can see that I have 24 pairs... while some skein don't look the same on the outside they have the same ball band and when I peek inside I can see the same colors so I'm assuming they are mates. This is great, exactly what I wanted ... 2 skeins of each colorway. However I discovered that my calendars were NOT identical in their make up... the first calendar gave me duplicates of 3 colors and the second calendar gave me duplicates of 4 colors but in the end I got 24 pairs... not sure why it worked out but glad it did.

I had decided wouldn't start knitting socks from these calendars until after Christmas so I could  see all the colors. However others jumped right in and already have knit up socks using all the yarns... like the  gal... Truddedu.... click here to see her IG...

Aren't these FABULOUS???  She's made 6 pairs of socks since December 1... here's a pic of a single pair...

and another...

and another...

and another...

She even made the brown skein look good... I think I'll copy that idea and use it on the toe so it is hidden.

Anyway she has totally inspired me , but I'm  filled with indecision as what to knit next... so many cool combinations... and then I found this on IG from Becca @fancy_a_yarn...

and this...

She is using  2 skeins at a time and alternating them every other round. I did this before and they were calling it ragrug socks then... and  it does turn out cool... decisions, decisions, decisions.... which sock and what yarn to knit firsr????  What I like about both of these combinations is that they only used the mini-skeins in the calendar, no extra yarns... very efficient.  Now both of these gals made their socks pretty matchy... that probably isn't going to happen with me...I like the craziness... in my socks...not in life...LOL

So I'm sitting here trying to decide what to knit next...and I'm continuing to knit away on my Stormy Sky shawl cause I want to wear it... it is certainly cold enough for an alpaca shawl...heck it is cold enough for an alpaca!!! And there is cross stitch calling my name too... and since I've been staring at  Big Dude a nap sounds nice too... again with the decisions... oh well, I do have lots of good activities to chose from.

Tomorrow is Sunday...OMG... I got the day of the week correct... we're doing lunch with my son and DIL instead of dinner as they are going out to a friend's house for New Year's Eve.... I'll be spending it at home with my younger son...and we will be happy happy happy to be home.  Hope you get to spend your evening just the way you want!

happy knitting -
carol fun

PS -  if you have time  check out this hashtag on IG... #opaladventcalendar....  just click here.... all kinds of pretty things people have made with the skeins from their advent calendars....


  1. I love this time of year and like you I wake up each morning asking myself what day of the week it is. Very cold temps in TN--high of 7 on Tuesday--I call it soup and stitch weather. Your yarns and knitting are fabulous.

  2. Love the shawl you are knitting and as you said--very pretty yarn you are using--and yes, look at all those pretty yarns in your advent calendar and I can see why it is hard to decide what to knit next--I am kinda in that same 'problem' what to knit???
    but I have started the winter ABC--sampler and ordered the fabric and thread for the sewing one yesterday--then today I had to an urgent call to 123stitch to add a thread to the order for the winter one as I realized just how much of the whitest thread is in that sampler and one skein I had started with would not do it and I did catch the order in time--yes!!!!
    oh and don't forget we got quilting projects to plan for 2018--don't want you to get bored!!!
    enjoy the moments, and Happy New Year, di

  3. What fun socks you can make with your little skeins of yarn! Hope you find a few quiet moments for knitting tomorrow.

  4. My niece is going back home to St Louis after enjoying warm sunny days in the 60-70 range here in SoCal—their high was 12 yesterday. Ugh.
    Pretty pretty yarn decisions to make. I’m sure you’ll decide soon. Napping sounds good as well :). I’ll be at the airport picking up son and his girlfriend after their Europe trip. Can’t wait to hear all about Italy.
    Happy New Year!

  5. I had exactly the same problem with keeping track of the holidays...glad I'm not the only one who kept thinking Sundays were the big days. I love all your wonderful yarn issues. I refuse to start knitting as I know I cannot fit any other handwork projects into my life but I sure enjoy looking at yours.

  6. I should first shop my stash before I buy any new yarn.
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  7. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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