Sunday, July 22, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching with Showers...and that's okay...

Well last week was a scorcher until Friday and then it rain... A LOT... and things have cooled down nicely but the humidity remains... I'll take it. I've been watering watering watering watering... I even broke out the sprinklers last Tuesday as the lawn was looking quite brown and toasty in several spots. I hate playing with sprinklers. My yard is irregular and  I can never keep the water just on the lawn... I always seem to get the sidewalk too and water is too darn expensive for that...and when I thought I had it adjusted so I wasn't watering the sidewalk I was washing the windows... oh well they needed it as they were dusty. Yesterday and today have been cloudy and showers on and off...which is the forecast for the week so I probably won't have to be out there watering...yeah...more time for stitching.

And I did find a substantial amount of stitching time in the week ... it sure helps when you don't have an appointment out of the house everyday. First I finished  the stitching on the With Thy Needle & Thread  Tricks and Treats...

Ain't she adorable??? I love her punkin face and that toothy grin!!!  And with this one stitched I broke out another Halloween piece....this one is smaller...

This is a Lizzie Kate freebie I found in the Files section of the Facebook group Pumpkin Seed Stitchers... if you go to FB and ask to join the group you can get access to the chart too. On 32 ct. this one finishes about 3" square... I'm thinking it will be a little pillow. The fabric  is a chunk of that piece I smushed overdyed last week. I like deep orange with the purple bruises. I don't have much to finish here ...maybe get it done tonight. 

I saw this graph on the Flosstube video of Just Keep Stitchin' with Pam and Stephanie, Episode #54...which you can see here... they are a hoot. There are also other seasonal stitching FB groups and they are listed in the space under See More of this episode... Candy Cane Stitchers, Star Spangled Stitchers,  Watermelon Seed Stitchers....I admit I went and  asked to join them all ... I don't really do a lot of FB but it is fun to see what others are stitching.

And I started my Welcome Autumn by the Drawn Thread...

The fabric is a dustier teal than is showing here and I'm very happy with it and my color changes. As I said last week it is charted for silks and I'm doing my choices in Gentle Arts/Weeks/Crescent Colors. I'm using GA Sarsaparilla for the letters and I like the contrast with the teal. The blob on the far right is going to be a squirrel... GA Toasted Barley... I thought he might be a bit light but the W at the other end isn't a real strong block so I think it will balance out.  The pot on the M is missing its decorative center band but it is a raised stitch so I'll wait till I'm almost done to do it so it doesn't get worn. The thread on the pot is Weeks Kentucky Bluegrass which is a nice darker tone of the linen.

A very successful crafty week it was. I can't wait to start several other Halloween pieces and I'm having second thoughts about some of the linen I painted last week. I think I made them too busy... gonna start over and I'll smush overdye those busy pieces... nothing will go to waste...there will be other charts that will work for them.

And if you are interested check back here on Monday... I've actually had some quilting mojo return and work on not one but two quilts!!!  I sent one off to a new to me quilter and he turned it around pronto... I bound it and washed it Saturday and it is on my bed... very happy...and that motivated me to get out a top I started eons ago and finish it up... and I sent it to the long arm quilter today. Can't wait for its return... and all of this successful finishing has me wanting to start a quilt I told my younger son I'd make for him this year...notice I gave myself a year to do this and it isn't a difficult quilt I just knew I had no quilting ambition at the first of the year. I have plans to get the blocks cut out this week...wish me luck!!

I'm feeling a bit verklempt over my younger son... he is Aspergers...high functioning of his main interests is Japanese anime and there was a convention called Anime Ohio 2018 on Saturday. He bought himself a ticket online and was excited to go. Lots of people cosplay...that is dress up as their favorite characters...he does that sometimes but this time just wanted to go and shop the vendors (very similar to us crafty people) and take pictures of great costumes...which is exactly what he did. I dropped him off and when I picked him up he said he had bought something for me... I was intrigued because I didn't know what would have been there that he would think I would like...and then he pulled this guy out of a bag...

Is she not stinking adorable??? She stands about 4" tall and is crocheted around some sort of squishy egg that squeaks when you shake it.  My son said the guy who made this had other anime and Pokemon characters but when he saw this he knew he had to buy it. I have her displayed with my star-spangled stuff and I'm sure I'll find a spot for her in my next display of summertime stuff.  It was a such a sweet thoughtful gift... it warms my heart....

I'll be linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and tomorrow I'll show some quilty stuff and see if I can figure out where I can link that up with that. I really miss Design Wall Monday that Judy at Patchwork Times use to do... I know someone else picked up the feature but I've forgotten who that is...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Fun pieces. I have too much summer left to think about Halloween! Our 3rd GS has Aspergers, will be a senior this year. His "thing" is coding and creating computer games. He's a good singer, too.

  2. Your son picked out the perfect gift for you! How thoughtful!
    You have been very busy this week Stitching. We got some rain this weekend too. Everything was so dry. I’m glad I won’t have to water for a few days too.

  3. One of my grandsons has Aspergers. His passion is flying and will leave for college soon to enroll in their flight school. That chicken your son picked out for you is perfect - stinkin' cute!!

  4. Your embroidery work is lovely - your pumpkin witch (?) is so very cute! That chicken is precious - what a thoughtful gift!

  5. Your son found a thoughtful and personal gift for you Carol! Nothing beats that!

  6. I always smile when I see your projects, Carol, be it stitching, quilting or knitting!!! Your little chicken from your son is very thoughtful!

  7. Wonderful projects you are stitching, its nice to have something to keep you busy on those rainy days, we have had lots of rain since Friday, though in FL it is our rainy season, one perk is not having to drag out the hose the drawback is the grass needs cutting more often. Your son picked out a cute chicken for you, a cool find at the Anime Convention

  8. The chicken gift from your son is adorable. Congratulations on your finish! Your 2 new starts look good and I really like the Drawn Thread piece on your fabric. Enjoy your week!

  9. Carol, your hand dyed fabrics are lovely!

  10. What a very sweet thing for your son to do for you. It's such a cute chicken!! I love the toothy little pumpkin girl. The orange linen that you have dyed is wonderful. It has been hot and dry here too. We have to water something everyday. That plus dead heading keeps us busy in the yard and garden. My dahlias are just coming into glorious bloom. I need to do a post on them.

  11. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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