Friday, September 24, 2010

Looks like Fall......

...inside the house! Well today the temperature hit 90 again not exactly fallish, but tomorrow is suppose to be cooler. I am soooo ready for Fall. This is my mantle in the family room, the polka dot chicken quilt has been replaced with a polka dot pumpkin quilt.(I told you I REALLY LIKE polka dots, remember?)

This quilt is from a Sandy Gervais panel and all I did was outline different elements. Not fancy but I'm happy with it. And here is a full view of my pumpkin populated mantle...

I like mercury glass pumpkins. I have 2 medium sized ones on the mantle....

and then there is this jumbo one on top of the television. All of these pumpkins have jack-o-lantern faces on the back side. I'll turn them around and put up my witchy quilt for Halloween.

And then there is this sweet little scarecrow. My youngest son gave me this last evening - a sweet present from a sweet boy.

On the cross stitch front I did get quite a bit done on the No.3 house of the Anniversaries of the Heart series.

I haven't decided on the personalization for this one either. I may go ahead and do the little verse that is stitched over one thread. I'm afraid if I put all the over one stitching off till the end that I'll never finish. I really don't enjoy stitching over one thread but there is no way around it with the BBD pieces.

I stopped at my local cross stitch shop today and picked up some more flosses and a couple of little graphs. I want to add some cross stitched accent pieces to my Fall displays. So many fun things to do, so little time!

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. I love the fall quilt! Your BBD design is coming along nicely.

  2. Your fall display looks fabulous - especially the little quilt. It doesn't feel like fall here either as our temps are in the 90's too. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Great display!! Thanks for sharing your beauties!

  4. I love your new quilt and all your pumpkins...Your stitching is beautiful...Don't you just love everything that BBD designs...
    Happy stitching, Nancy

  5. I love your pumpkin collection -- especially your polka-dot quilt. How CUTE! I had to scale down a lot when we moved into the RV, but I managed to keep my favorite fall things. I'll be putting them out this weekend! Yay for fall! :)

  6. Your mantle looks lovely! I love the polka dot pumpkin quilt you have hanging. Fall is so beautiful! :)

  7. Your mantle looks great and I love that polka dot pumpkin quilt....soo cute!

  8. Everything looks SO good! :D There is in no way near enough time for all the fab fall stitching I need to get done, lol!


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