Sunday, September 5, 2010

A lost week.......

So what happened to last week? Was I busy finding a solution to world peace? Nope. Did I come up with a new jobs program? Well, no unless you consider the never ending stream of dirty laundry at my house as a "job". Anyone want this job? I didn't think so. But I did do my part to stimulate the economy. There were these cute charm squares of two new lines of Moda - I love Moda fabric!

And this great new book, Country Inn from Blackbird Designs. I like the quilt patterns and there is an adorable cross stitch sampler called The Little Red Hen.

Other than turning dirty laundry into clean laundry so my family can return it to the dirty state, all I have to show for my week is the stitching I've done on my BBD "Home is where my Heart Blooms".

I love how this is coming together. A couple more evenings in front of the TV and it will be done. Now I was going to refrain from starting a new project but I'm weak and I caved and started on the BBD's Anniversaries of the Heart. Oh are these are so pretty! I'm stitching all of them on one piece of 28ct dove gray evenweave. I think it will complement the thread colors nicely.

You can see from the picture that this is going to be a BIG piece. I always start in the upper right hand corner since I don't use a hoop. I end up holding most of the linen in my left hand and this way I don't scrunch up my finished work too much. I'm holding off with the personalization till I see them all. I know I want to include my boys birthdays and I'd like to have my mom and grandma's birth date on this piece too.

As for a sampler offering this Sunday here is a Ewe & Eye & Friend piece.

I changed the saying in the cartouche to "Ohio the Heart of it All". This use to be a motto of the state and was on the license plates and for me Ohio is home and holds a special place in my heart. This piece included some specialty stitches that add a lot of texture.

So tomorrow starts another week which I hope will be more productive. Have a great Labor Day! I plan on doing as little labor as possible to celebrate. (NO laundry will be washed or dried tomorrow in my house!)

Happy stitching -

carol fun


  1. I love your BBD Home is where your heart blooms. The colors are lovely. The Moda fabris is beautiful.

  2. Hi Carol,
    I love this Ewe & Eye piece. I really need look at what charts that I have and to stitch some more of their designs.

    Have a good Monday


  3. What great goodies!! Love the color of the fabric for the BBD Anniversary pieces!

  4. Gosh; every pic is better than the last in this post! I hope you'll show us more of that BBD bonus cross stitch from the quilt book in the future; love your start on Anniversaries!

  5. What a lot of pretty things in this post! I love the stitchery you are working on - especially the little birds.
    That book looks so tempting!!
    I lose a lot of weeks in the laundry room too.


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