Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Sampler for Sunday

Ok - I know that Sunday is just about over but I want to see if I can get this posted and then I'll feel like I accomplished something today. I find satisfaction in little accomplishments - and some days they are very little - LOL! This Sampler is The Red Reindeer by Birds of a Feather.

I have no idea when I finished this but I do love all the little motifs. The little girl and the tulip are 2 of my favorites. And I love this frame too - definitely one of my best selections -if I say so myself and I do!

I tried to do a little more fall decorating.

This little quilt hangs over my cutting table. Can you tell it is a window? Since I sew in the basement and there is only one window which is no where near my cutting table I let myself gaze through this one.(Yes I know this is delusional but it makes me happy.) This quilt is all Debbie Mumm fabrics and it is one of her patterns too. Debbie Mumm was my first designer crush - I loved her style and still do. I have quite a stash of DM fabrics. I haven't sewed with them for a while but I don't want to part with them yet. I think I have a few more DM quilts in me. I have a stack of quilts I've made just using her fabrics. Several of them are of the "charm" variety in that I used a different piece of DM fabric for each block. There is an "Eye Spy" quilt, and a calendar girl quilt (one girl for each month), and one with a big eagle. I need to take some pictures and share them with you. I'll make a note to myself and I'll surely get around to it - someday. So many plans so little time - you know what I mean?

It was noticeably cooler today and we are suppose to get some rain tomorrow - oh do we need rain. I hope it rains all day. I want to plant some more tulip/daffodil bulbs but the ground is like concrete. A nice soaking rain would make this a lot easier.

Hope your week is productive - heck I hope my week is productive-

Happy stitching -

carol fun


  1. Hi Carol,
    Red Reindeer is adorable...great job. every accomplishment is a blessing! While I'm not a quilter, I so admire all of you that do...for now, I'll stick with stitching:)

  2. Love the quilt! The colors are great.

  3. I love Red Reindeer! I think I may have to dig through my stash today because I think I might have that one!

    What a cute quilt!

  4. Love your sampler and your fall decorating too

  5. Red Reindeer is such a pretty sampler and I agree with you on the frame. Your little autumn window is so cute! I love seeing your creations.

  6. I love Red Reindeer too and finished it last Christmas. Great framing on yours too. Thanks for sharing such great work.


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