Saturday, February 5, 2011

When crafting worlds collide.....

Well this week I've been dabbling in lots of different things and as a result I don't have a lot finished that I can show. And some of what I have finished are presents which need to wing their way across the cold Midwest before I can show them. But I do have a little I can share- handmade cards that combine paper and fabric and sewing and buttons and well, you get the idea.

I made these cards as thank yous to my quilty friends for the wonderful Christmas gifts I received. Luckily they don't deduct friendship points for my tardiness but then I contend that creativity can't be rushed (doesn't that sound better than "hey, I procrastinate"?) I found this great BIG pad of scrapbook paper, K&Co, at Joanns and it was on sale - a bargain. I loved all the papers that had a sewing theme and there were a lot of quilt prints and crochet looking prints and other cool designs.

I'm lucky that my stamping/papercraft area is set up in the downstairs family room opposite from my sewing area so I can go back and forth easily -- maybe too easily. The cards include felt flowers that were die cut (I love die cutting fabric for cards and other projects). I used my sewing machine to stitch the edging to the quilty paper and then tied the button in the center of the flower with perle cotton. I love stamping tone-on-tone designs on the cardstock since it adds a another design layer. And I tried to make them a little shabby chic by stamping a little speckly in an off white ink. When I do a card like this I feel like I've made a little paper and fabric quilt. I also make envelopes to go with the cards that coordinate so my friends can spot the fun mail right away.

I was busy today making the back for the yellow Crazy Mom QAL top. I'm glad to have that finished so I'm not rushing around on Monday afternoon getting it sewn before guild meeting. I exchange tops and finished quilts with my long- arm gal there - very convenient. And knowing I'll see her once a month is great motivation to get things done.

I also succumbed to the allure of my Hoopla layer cake and started to make the bow tie block for the Bennington big Schnibble quilt. I love how they are turning out and in real life (not these badly lit pictures), the colors are so bright and cheerful and are a welcome sight on these cold grey days.

Be back tomorrow with a sampler and some finished knitting. I got another pair of socks done this week -and finishing this pair was one of the few bright spots of my Wednesday- one of those days that didn't turn out at all the way I planned -but then who plans on a 30 minute doctor's visit turning into a 6 hour production with 3 separate visits to the outpatient imaging center. It wasn't for me, it was for my brother and while it was harder on him than me the stress definitely took a toll on both of us.

Hope you're getting lots of crafty stuff done this weekend. Happy stitching -

carol fun


  1. What creative goodies! You've been keeping busy!

  2. Those cards are so pretty! I love the colors and the patterns.

  3. Love those cards! Your quilt blocks are looking great too! :0)


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