Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heartfelt Sunday Sampler...

Oh I've been saving this one for this Sunday and it is A Gift From My Heart!

As you can see from the date I stitch this one up over 12 years ago and from the first time I saw it, it tugged at my heart. Notice there is no house -- oh my goodness, this was a big departure for me back then. I don't remember if it called for the olivey green linen or if it was my choice. I'd like to take credit for it! I used overdyed flosses and I love the variations in shades and tones.

However as I looked at this close up today I think her eye is a bit too low -hmmm...why didn't I see this before? Looking through the lens of a camera is certainly a different perspective. Well, mutant eye or not I like her! I don't have a clue who designed this piece and I know I've said this waaaaayyy too many times - sorry! But this whole process has gotten me to write down what I do remember on the backs of the frames, so I won't forget again, I hope.

And don't expect this every Sunday (even though I pulled it off last week too) but I finished another pair of socks. These are knitted with yarn from Blue Moon Fibers and is their Socks that Rock lightweight.

The colorway is called Crabby McCrabbypants -- funny, huh?? I don't know where they get the names for their colors but I enjoy the craziness of it.

They have nice stitch definition and a subtle sheen - very smooshy and comfortable. I did get a little work in on the owl and chicken pincushions but they are all still in pieces so no pictures today. And I got the binding on 2 quilts -yippee! If the weather is as nice tomorrow as it was today - 40's and sunny - I'll take them outside and get some pictures to show you.

Hope your Valentine's Day is happy and that it involves chocolate! Happy stitching -

carol fun


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