Monday, February 6, 2012

I got lead over the rainbow by the String Beans on Design Wall Monday

Wow, this was quite an adventure and I had no idea where I was going to end up when I started this quilt. It began with this pattern, String Beans, by Stephanie at Loft Creations.

As you can see I was dazzled by a multitude of fabrics in rainbow colors- polka dots, checks, plaids and stripes - yikes! (you can click on the pictures to see the all the different fabric designs.)

Originally I thought I'd mix up the colors but when I had them on the design wall grouped by color I really liked it. Then I decided to use the same fabric for the sashing strips as the background so the String Bean blocks would float. Which lead to the brainstorm that I could make the cornerstones follow the same color order as the block- pink w/yellow, orange w/pink, yellow w/orange, yellow w/green, green w/turquoise and turquoise w/yellow. I thought I was a genius! (yes I easily impress myself - LOL!)

And floating the blocks and adding the rainbow bright cornerstones created a secondary pattern that I hadn't anticipated, but again - I LIKED IT! So off I went, sewing, sewing, sewing. This was simple sewing but somehow it took me all day Saturday and Sunday. By Saturday evening, I had the center of the quilt finished and seeing that secondary pattern got the little hamster-driven wheels in my head spinning and I sketched out how I could carry that pattern into the border.

I think it gives it a bit of a scalloped look. Now that yellow border fabric is a bit of a problem child. I know the bolt said 100% cotton but I have my doubts. It has a bit of a poly/cotton feel and I wouldn't have used it except I had oodles and I was seduced by the color and it's random dots. I am easily taken it, and no I don't need to buy a bridge this week. Ask again next week though. The border is a bit wavy but I figure a great all over quilting pattern, cotton batting and a spin in the washing machine will render that waviness inconsequential.

While I was sewing this quilt I remembered that when my boys were younger there was a show where they sang the song, "Polka dots, checks and stripes, yikes!" You can see the video here. My oldest son thought that this song was the reason behind Garanimals clothing, which I just found out they still make. Since he had trouble putting shirts and pants together I got him a lot of these outfits. Now that he's grown up he speculates that there would still be a large male segment of the population that would like Garanimals for adults. Since they aren't available he's goes with the basic gray plan - gray suits, white shirts and a colorful tie. Garanimals for lawyers- LOL!

Well I still need to get the back sewn up for this. It got bigger than I expected - 82" x 86". I can't wait to pass this off to my long arm quilter at tonight's guild meeting.

Hope your week is full of sewing time!
carol fun


  1. Love it! And I think it is safe to say that many women would benefit from Garanimals as well!

  2. Reading this post makes me think of Dr Suess "Oh the palces you'll go" but for you it's "oh the places you're head will go:)". Love the quilt, as always, can't wait to see it in person tonight.

  3. Those are some stringbeans I could love.

  4. Wonderful! I'm still waking up and this is definitely helping as I drink my coffee :)

  5. What a playful quilt! Anyone would smile if they received this quilt, especially a child.

  6. You bean sure looks good. You have done well to get this much done. I am very much in love with rainbow colours these days.

  7. I love this quilt! The colors and patterns are wonderful.
    My sister would be a candidate on the female side for Garanimals. :)

  8. What a cute quilt and a very original pattern - LOVE IT!!!

  9. I love your 'green bean' quilt==you really went for the brass ring on this one!!!
    I just got my pattern in the mail today and also ordered her other new one the Grandma's wringer washer one--
    now wonder how long or should I say==how far down my to do list these are going to be??
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  10. I do remember Garanimals. That is an amazing quilt! It sounds like you are having plenty of fun with it!

  11. Now, I am not usually this BRIGHT, but somehow with that border this is my kinda quilt! REally feeling the scalloped edge effect!

    Maybe it is spring longing, but quilting is really starting to call to me again. ;)

    Also, love the Foyer Quilt you just got back and bound. Terrific!

    P.S. The word verification for this comment is "ploplet".

  12. Carol, it's wonderful, i.e., genius! I bought the String Beans pattern too but so far no cutting has happened for that project. Love the color grouping and the sashing ideas.

  13. Love Steph's pattern in these color choices!! looks great!


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