Sunday, February 26, 2012

A simple sampler for Sunday

It is a glorious sunny Sunday. The temperature hit 50 and it is February in Ohio??? If this is global warming bring it on. The sunshine puts me in good mood. I've been working on some smaller pieces - all BBD -and this is one I've finished. Its called Simple Harvest and it appears in the book With Needle & Thread by BBD, 2007. I poked around a bit online and couldn't find a copy of this for sale, so it is probably OOP. No surprise to those of us who love BBD.

I did this on a piece of mystery linen in my stash. It is 32 count and the piece finished about 4" X 6". I used a thread that is new to me - Cosmo Seasons by Lecien.I purchased it at Fabric Shack. They have a selection of the variegated colors in floss and in heavier thread weight for big stitch quilting. I used an entire 8 meter skein on this. It cost $1.70 a skein which makes it more than DMC but a little less than some of the hand dyed flosses. I like it and will use it again.

When I stitch with variegated floss like this I try to cross every stitch as I go and it and I feel like I'm painting with thread. I tried to make sure that I didn't get any areas where the colors clumped together. I did unsew one letter and re-stitch it when it ended up being the exact color of the letter below it.

Instead of stitching my initials I added another one of those heart-shaped mother of pearl buttons I love so much. The frame is something I picked up at Michael's for half price. I like the wood grain on it. Now in the book Alma says she stitched this in one night. She must stitch like the wind, cause it took me about 7 nights to finish this, but it was worth it.

Well I hope to get some sewing done today. I spent all day yesterday helping my son with a paper, and by the time we were finished I was too tired. I'm working on the Schnibble I.S.T.H. for the "Another year of Schnibbles" and I need to get it done before the end of the month. It almost done.

Hope the weather is lovely where you are, or that it gets lovely very very soon!
Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. What a pretty BBD piece, love the frame for it.
    The varigated blue and brown thread is gorgeous. I don't think I ever heard of it, but it is very pretty.
    Take Care!!

  2. I love everything about it! The pattern is lovely and that thread is amazing and I would have snatched up that frame too! So pretty! Wish I could stitch like the wind. I'm thinking I'm a molasses stitcher. :)

  3. That is a pretty piece! I love the color changes in the threads.

    And it's going to be 50 here in Michigan. Crazy weather, but I'll definitely take it!

  4. Beautiful day here too! I spent Friday night with my oldest working on a scout project that was due Saturday.

    Love your finish ~ what a fun thread and love the button!

  5. What a pretty little sampler. Thanks for the clue about crossing as you go when working with variegated thread...I didn't know that and it certainly makes the end result fabulous.

  6. The sampler is sweet and I love the frame.

  7. I've stitched it too and it remains one of my favorites.

  8. Gorgeous finish and framing too. The floss you used for it is perfect. The heart-shaped button adds a delicate touch to the piece.


  9. I love your samplers! I haven't cross stitched for some time but I do love it. My husband did gorgeous cross stitching after he retired. Will have to do a post on his work some tiem. Your work is just wonderful.

  10. I love ABC things. Very pretty and I love the special heart button.

  11. beautiful finish :D it looks stunning.


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