Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Slow Stitching Sunday

I have lots to be happy about this Sunday. I'm finished with Wild Berries the first installment of Blackbird Designs 2013 Loose Feathers.

My version definitely has a primitive look. That linen has some dye streaks and some creases that aren't going anywhere. I think they add to the charm of the piece and in that same vein, my errors just add to the personality of the piece. As I was putting in the last couple of stitches I realized that the last line of the alphabet on the right side of the bird is one stitch higher than the alphabet on the left side - and it is going to stay that way. Along with all the frogging I did I ran out of several skeins of floss and I don't have any to restitch with. I find myself working from my floss stash more and more and sometimes I have enough to finish and sometimes I don't. I made some substitutions with DMC and other over dyed flosses and it works for me.

I heard that the next installment is due out this week. It looks lovely. I thought it had a Dutch vibe to it and that is exactly what Barb and Alma said here on their blog. Now it looks like it is done in shades of blue, but my email from The Strawberry Sampler said it is shades of green and sage. Can't wait to see what flosses it calls for.

So after I finished up this piece I got out my BBD AotH and got a nice amount of stitching done on the December chart while I watched my beloved Cincinnati Reds play baseball. The game went extra innings giving me more time to stitch and the Reds won - now that makes me happy too.

Hope you have a happy week!

carol fun


  1. What a lovely finish! I wouldn't have know about the alphabet if you hadn't told me.

  2. Congrats on your finish ~ it looks great!! Makes me want to get a start on mine.

  3. Such a beautiful finish! No one could ever see the one stitch you are off unless you tell them!! I only frog when absolutely necessary!

  4. Love it Carol--can't wait to see the rest as you finish them!

  5. Beautiful finish Carol! It looks great. I am waiting for my kit to arrive. Are you in your new house yet?

  6. It is beautiful. I wouldn't have noticed the stitches being off. I can't wait to see the next one either.

  7. Beautiful! I think your twists add a lot of character to an already lovely design. Good use of the stash :)

  8. Just beautiful Carol...looks like you meant to do it that way! Great finish...thanks for linking up!

  9. A Dutch vibe... Well, as a Dutch girl I'm very much looking forward to seeing it!
    Beautiful work this one, and love the extra charm the fabric gives.
    Coming over from Kathy's :)
    Hugs, Wendy


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