Monday, August 5, 2013

Quilting ADHD on Design Wall Monday

Good morning, ask me about my attention deficit disorder, or pie, or my car. A chicken. I have a bike. Do you like TV? I saw a spider. This is the soundtrack of my mind. And it leads me to change direction quickly where quilting is concerned. Last week I was working on a lovely Stack N Whack with pretty purple and pink petunias. This week I'm all wound up about Halloweenie stuff.

Each of these triangles measures 9". I used my BIG Creative Grids 60 degree Triangle ruler. You can see it here. It makes cutting these pieces so easy. Right now I have 7 complete rows with 11 triangles in each row, and I have the end triangles for the last row. That would make 88 different Halloween fabrics. Yes, this is a charm quilt. Every triangle is a different Halloweenie fabric. I've been collecting them for several years and finally came up with a design that showcases as many as possible. I have a few more that I can cut and I think a trip to Joann's and Fabric Shack will happen this week.

I'm going to cut those triangles on the ends in half. I'm making all of them fabrics with black backgrounds. Here are some close ups of some of my favorites.

I have patchwork pumpkins, Peanuts, and mummies with hearts.

And shiny spider webs,various cute animals dressed up in costumes, and spiders.

The Bride of Frankenstein and assorted monsters. Look closely and you can see some little creature peeking out of her hair.

Witches undies... I love this one. At the bottom it says "witches undies, scarey screamy,have a happy halloweenie".

And this one makes me laugh. Notice the coffin that has bounced out of the back of the hearse.

So that's what I'm working on right now. Hopefully, I can keep my focus till I have them sewn together. Unless something shiny catches my eye. Oh a chicken - LOL!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh I love this!! How FUN!
    First I like the triangles (one of these are on my bucket list) but I really adore all of your different fabrics. Great for you!!

  2. I know I've said it before but you have the greatest stash of novelty prints. This Halloweenie quilt is fabulous.

    Watch out for the shiny things - they will always get ya. LOL

  3. You made me smile like a jack-o-lantern. I enjoyed visiting your neck of the woods last week. Wish I had been able to stop and say hello.

    I did get to visit a couple of quilt in
    Burlington and one in Dry Rigde (?). The last one was called The Quilt Box and was an awesome place to visit.

  4. Those fabrics are hysterical. You must be having a ball with them. Enjoy!

  5. What a great pattern to showcase such cute fabrics. Thanks for sharing. My Halloween selection would yield about a 24" x 24" size, maybe!! ha ha

  6. Love all the Halloween fabrics. What a fun quilt this will be.

  7. Being the Halloween lover that I am, your quilt is going to be amazing!

  8. I'm thinking we are all ready for fall!! Squirrel!!!!

  9. I recognize that soundtrack~!
    cute Halloween quilt and fabrics.


  10. I got a new car and DH has been trying to pimp my ride. I held out on all kinds of crap 'til he showed me sparkly pin striping. He got me good.

  11. BTW, i love, love, love the Halloween quilt. That is some stash you have,


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