Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken...Bowl???

Hello there -- well we have a winner for the Halloween Fabric Giveway - drumroll please! Kellie from Indiana! Congratulations!

Her name was selected from one of my polka dot chicken bowls by my youngest son, Nick.

I really loved reading all the comments about your favorite Halloween costumes. Many of them were treasured memories from your past. I think it is serendipity that Nick blindly picked Kellie's name as my Nick was BIG into dinosaurs when he was a child. Here is Kellie's comment.

My son, from ages 4 through 12, absolutely adored dinosaurs. He lived breathed and even acted as if he was a dinosaur. So on his 9th Halloween, my mother found him the cutest all body dinosaur costume pattern. He was so thrilled. We sewed the pattern up, and the tail was so big and long it just dragged on the ground so we came up with the idea of tacking string from the tail to the middle of his back and wahla! Instant child dinosaur and a memorable Halloween with wonderful pictures. Most of all he loved it, and fell asleep in the costume as he did not want to take it off. To this day I still hear "remember when your son used to act like he was a dinosaur?". Of course I remember, and I have the pics and videos to show his first serious girlfriend as mothers tend to do!

If you have a minute read through the comments from the August 7 post. I think you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Happy stitching-

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