Monday, November 25, 2013

A little attempt at something "arty" on Design Wall Monday

I didn't get as much time to sew this weekend as I wanted to, but then is there every really as much time as we want? I spent over 7 hours - no joke - assembling the TV table from hell for my studio, which drastically cut into my fun time. I'll show pictures of this table later in the week. I like how it looks but it gave me even further admiration for IKEA. This was NOT IKEA and if it had been the first piece of DIY furniture I'd ever put together it wouldn't have gotten put together. Oh...I got sidetracked there..

Here is what I did get sewn. My little attempt to make an "arty" table runner for a small shelving unit in my studio. This is only 12 X 21 - a slightly oversized placemat- LOL!

This is the piece in action. I moved my tower of pincushions over on this unit and I want to put something decorative on the wall above it- another sampler or a quilt or who knows what. More decorating options - I LOVE that!

I started this piece with 2 Disappearing 9 patch blocks with 5" squares. I used a selection of black and white prints showcasing stuff I love- sewing stuff and chickens - and a variety of polka dots. I didn't measure well and the blocks were too big so I randomly sliced off length and width - very "arty" - right?

I quilted this in semi-parallel lines with a shiny variegated Sulky thread and every once in a while I threw in a section of zig zag stitching - another attempt to be "arty". LOL I like how it turned out and it adds a nice touch of color to this unit and covers the ugly scratches I unintentionally inflicted on it.

So this will be a crazy week. I need to go to the store for my Thanksgiving dinner shopping, but I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house till Friday to accommodate every one's schedule. I plan on going to Costco tomorrow since I want to avoid the crowds on Wednesday but they are calling for yuckky weather Tuesday. Too bad they won't want pizza for Thanksgiving dinner... I'd give lots of thanks for that!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Very fun and arty piece.

    My teenager recently asked why anyone would go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get Thanksgiving dinner (they apparently have commercials on). She has never had to cook said dinner. But that changes this year as she's volunteered to help Grandma and to help clean up. Her tune may change after that. Good luck selling your pizza option.

  2. Your little mat looks great with your fun stacked baskets-full-of-pincushions!

  3. Your mat is perfect for that spot ~ love how it looks!! My oldest would eat pizza everyday if we would accommodate his wishes ~ lol! We bought some IKEA last December and my husband said it was the easiest to put together!

  4. Love the mat! So funky and fun and the fabric is great.
    Safe shopping at Costco!

  5. I enjoy putting together furniture MOST times, but our Tv cabinet was a stinker too, and was missing a piece so it stayed in awkward unusable chunks for a week until my replacement part came! I've never been to Ikea but my DD loves it. Cute mat for a solution!

  6. Love your little table runner...and the pin cushion stack.

    Have a blessed day of thanks!

  7. The mat is perfect. I'm still waiting for one of my three to take over but it won't happen anytime soon. My son helped me cook half and it his half was way better than my half.


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