Monday, December 2, 2013

A "little bite" of Christmas on Design Wall Monday

First off where did last week go? Heck, where did last month go? I can't believe it is already December. I had lots of plans for things I wanted to stitch up before Christmas but several of them are just going to be shelved till next year.

I did get this little bite put together - the pattern is Tickle from Miss Rosie's Little Bites series. You can see it here.

It finished about 23" square. The stars are a petite 6". I used the Kate Spain collection, In from the Cold. You can see it here. For the background I found a mottled white with silver metallic polka dots - you know how much I LOVE polka dots.

I thought the birds in this collection were sweet-

And this gingerbread guy is dapper with his tie -

And a cute kitty -

I want to do some simple quilting in a metallic silver thread to finish this off. I plan to display it in my living room under my creche. And speaking of decorating for Christmas, I got a start on things yesterday. I know last year I whined and moaned and complained about the pre-lit tree I had that wouldn't light. And I swore I wouldn't buy another one, but I don't listen well, even to myself. I ended up buying a new tree at Lowe's last week. The branches are quite realistic and it is really full of lights and for the moment I am quite smitten with it. It required no fluffing. Just put the 3 sections together and plug it in. Each branch is a separate metal rod and they are assembled so they just fall into place. I hope that it will last longer than the last one. I'll get the ornaments on later this week and take some pictures.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love this! I love the touch of blue mixed in.

  2. What a sweet little Christmas quilt! I've been meaning to make a quilted table runner to use under my own nativity figures, but so far it's just one lonely star block on the design wall. And my house is a shambles because I started decorating Christmas trees and then ran out of steam...

    I love how you fussy-cut that little bird in your star block. Great combination of fabrics for a fresh, fun Christmas vibe.

  3. This is very, very cute, Carol.

  4. my tree is old, the needles are long and fiber optic. comes all in one piece, you just set it in the stand and adjust the branches. I LOVE it and I haven't seen another tree like it in years. the colors change in undulating waves, the whole tree glows. no other lites needed.

    I like prelit trees, they have some lovely trees out there. I love Christmas decorations.

  5. So pretty Carol! I love the fabrics.

  6. So how are you decorating your new home for the holiday?

  7. Cute quilt! Silver polka dots are cool! My fall decorations are all still up. As usual, I'm a week behind. Hope your tree behaves all season!

  8. So cute! Can't wait to see this in person....

  9. So cute! Can't wait to see this in person....


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