Monday, April 21, 2014

Bits & Pieces on Design Wall Monday

My design wall is full of bits and pieces of stuff I'm working on. My Hugs and Kisses quilt by Jaybird only needs the last two rows sewn together. And while I told myself I wouldn't start another project until I finished that task,....well I tell myself lots of stories that aren't entirely true. LOL!

These three blocks are the start of another quilt. I love how it uses several fabrics in each block and I'm combining all of the collections of American Jane fabrics that I've been hording for soooooo long.

This quilt is called Alpha Bits & Pieces by Sandy Klop of American Jane. It was published in the April 2014 issue of BH&G American Patchwork & Quilting. I was able to purchase an alphabet panel in a red colorway. I love that this quilt will combine patchwork and a sampler -two crafts that make me very happy!

In the three blocks I've sewn I picked lots of my favorite American Jane prints.

Polka dots and ABCs...

Chickens and ABCs...

 And the trifecta...polka dots and chickens and ABCs!!!

I'm detecting a theme - dotty chickens that know the alphabet - what a theme! As I was selecting fabrics and sewing these blocks together I got to thinking about the size of this quilt and the size of the wall I want to display it on. Adjustments will need to be made. I'm mulling over possibilities and hopefully after making some more blocks I'll make a decision. No matter what I'm having fun playing with these fabrics. I LOVE American Jane!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. So sweet. and your design wall is huge. Lucky you.

  2. Nice things going on in your studio. And, yes, your design wall is huge. Isn't it weird how it can get filled up so fast? Just have to ask, where did you get your big buttons and scissors on your wall? They look great.

  3. Each week I love the see the progress on your Hugs and Kisses Quilt. Love it! You new blocks are really cute, too. So much fun with the alphabet fabrics, and, of course, your polka dots and chickens! :)

  4. Carol--you do really make FUN quilts!!!

  5. What fun would it be if you had to finish one project before you started the next. Go with the inspiration!

  6. Love your design wall this week.

  7. Love the fabric with the little chicks :)

  8. I never would have thought there were chicks and alphabets on the fabric until you showed the close ups. Very cute and I love the letters around the outside edge. Both quilts are so cool.

  9. Now THAT is a design wall to be jealous of!!! Loving all your quilty fun :)


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