Monday, April 28, 2014

Stormy Day on Design Wall Monday

Thunder and lightning, LOUD, VERY VERY LOUD thunder and lightning - what a way to start the day. Big Dude spent the morning hiding under my bed, poor guy. He may be a big cat but he is also a fraidy cat when it comes to thunderstorms. However, while it is gray outside, my design wall is sporting some colorful blocks.

This is Alpha Bits and Pieces. You can see it here in the April edition of BHG American Patchwork and Quilting.

This is half of the quilt. I'm working from the top to the bottom and pulling fabrics for a block or two at a time. I'm going to re-do that big block at the bottom - its too light.

I do like playing with these spacer strips, so much opportunity to fussy cut and I love to fussy cut!

Now I believe in placing responsibility where it properly belongs and for these blocks I have to reveal that this is all Melinda's fault -- LOL!! Check out her blog here. She had a couple of these on her design wall last week and has even more of them on her wall this week, and I HAD to try it out.

The pattern is Scrappy Mountain Majesties, a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter that you can see here. And since Melinda already picked a wonderful palette - Kaffe fabrics and black and white prints. I just followed her lead. I have a bunch of the black and white cut out and hope to get to the Kaffe's later today, but first there are errands to do.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


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  2. Love the blocks and fussy cutting.

  3. Love your projects. Hope the bad weather has cleared. Hugs


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