Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The fortune cookie lied ~

Okay so last Monday I had Chinese food for lunch and got a fortune cookie that said "Wednesday will be your lucky day" LIED!The following Wednesday I had a appointment for a plumber to come and look at a toilet that was intermittently running and I couldn't figure out why. It was one of those new-fangled toilets with 2 buttons - for different kinds of business. Since it had been running I also noticed that it wasn't doing an effective job and many times required 2 flushes, which wasn't saving any water. Well, it turned out that a new toilet would be an easier and less expensive fix so I went with that.

But that is not my sad story. This is...

there is now a giant hole in my shower that I ended up paying big bucks. In investigating the running toilet the plumber went downstairs to follow the pipes and see how everything was connected. He went into the storage room where my hot water heater is, looked up at the ceiling and said "we have a problem". Yes we did - the shower was leaking into the basement and parts of the ceiling were on top of the hot water heater and on the floor around the hot water heater and wet yuck was hanging out of the ceiling. This problem is waaaaaay more expensive than a new toilet. New building codes require that my 60 year old shower with its two separate handles must be replaced with one of the new non-scalding single handle type.

New tile is not going to match what is in the shower. Last year when I renovated we had the old 1950's salmon pink, turquoise, and brown tile resurfaced with a coating that made it all a nice clean shiny white. If you look real closely you can see a bit of the salmon pink at the top and the turquoise at the bottom of the opening. I figure once the plumbing is put back together I will have to have someone come and resurface the tile again to get it all to match.

I hadn't planned on this expense - but then who does. And then this Wednesday -today- I took my car in for a maintenance check up and needed new brakes and filters - ackkkk!!! More money leaving! Wednesday is NOT my lucky day!  I'm spending next Wednesday under the covers

So that is my tale of woe! Oh I know in the grand scheme of life this is no big deal and I will get it all taken care of - I just want it all done sooner rather than later, and would rather spend my money on fabric and yarn.  I don't drink so I'm off to drown my sorrows in a hot fudge sundae.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Well, ick. Pictures look so sad...what a mess! Happily, no fabric was hurt in this process, right? Hope tomorrow is much better!

  2. Well yeah that's pretty bad. BUT look on the bright side, you didn't get hit by a bus, fall and break several bones, have your house burn down, or anything else far worse than what did happen. Maybe it really was your lucky day :)

  3. WOW! Time to ask for a fortune cookie rebate! It has been my experience that simple repairs often turn into major ones

  4. Well, crud! I'm thankful its not Wednesday again today! Maybe the cookie meant NEXT Wednesday! LOL - I know I get my days mixed up all the time! :)

  5. A hot fudge sundae is a marvelous choice!!! Better days must be coming. So sorry to hear of your no good very bad Wednesday!!

  6. No more fortune cookies!

    Hoping Wednesday returns to a non-eventful day for you soon!

  7. Oh, Carol, all that just sucks!!!!! I hate it when things get out of whack. Everything is sooooo expensive nowadays. Hope this will be the last of your problems like that for a long, long time. Hang in there, sweetie!! Carol

  8. Argghhh! Not a good day at all Carol.


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