Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Break in the Clouds

There was a nanosecond break in the clouds yesterday and I was able to get a few pictures of my latest quilt finish. (Ignore that bit of the Halloween quilt peeking out on the right.)

This is my Soho Ziggurat quilt - the fabric is the Soho Chic line from Sandy Gervais which you can see here, and the pattern I used is Windspinner, which you can see here. I love this combination of fabric collection and pattern but what really makes this quilt is the quilting -- swoon!!!

Big Dude checked it out, up close and personal and gave the quilt a big thumbs up - ok if he had opposable thumbs he would definitely have done it!

The quilting was done by Terry Finnerty of The Walking Needle - here is a link to her Facebook page.

She covered every square inch of this quilt with gorgeous designs.

The quilting is so dense and varied that the quilt already has a lovely crinkly texture and I haven't washed it yet. She changed designs in each "step" of the ziggurat shape and that ferny vine in the pea green space is wonderful!

When I put my Halloween decorations away at the end of the month this quilt will be taking up residence on the back of my couch/quilt stand. What a striking display that will be!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Beautiful! Bright and snazzy for dreary fall and winter days. The quilting looks superb. Big Dude needs to grow some thumbs...

  2. What a striking quilt. I agree, beautiful quilting!!!

  3. That's a pretty quilt and I love your quilting!

  4. Looks awesome! The quilting looks great and the border fabric is just perfect.


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