Sunday, November 23, 2014

The bricklayer is finished on Slow Stitching Sunday

Oh I've been a bad blogger - it has been over a week since I posted anything - sheesh! It was a busy week. I had some sort of lunch/appointment/engagement to go to every single day and that kind of in and out of the house doesn't make me productive. A little knitting here, a little cross stitch there.

However I have gotten all the bricks layed for my latest house piece, Blackbird Designs Bittersweet Lane from the Prim Ladies Club at Dyeing to Stitch.

It is a classy looking little house. Still need to put the door and windows in and get the roof done. There was a big pot on the roof that I had to take out. You can see the phantom stitches in the picture. The brown of the pot (GA Wood Trail) was just too similar to the roof color (GA Maple Syrup). I'm going to restitch it in GA Aged Pewter.

I'm still head over heels for this border. I'm leaving the flowers till the end so I can make them Smyrna crosses instead of Algerian eye stitches. I'm not fond of stitching the Algerian eye stitches...they just take too long...I feel like I'm treading in wet cement... and I LOVE that big bump you get with Smyrna crosses. Great texture for very little work... and I all for that - LOL!

And then this sneaked in through my mail slot...Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery sampler.

Next to Blackbird Designs, Lizzie Kate are my second favorite designers. I've done 3 of their seasonal samplers - Winter, Spring and Fall and every time I display them I love them more and more. I'm confident this Mystery Sampler is going to be a beautiful addition to my collection. I got all the parts - the 32 ct. Wren linen, the Weeks floss and the embellishment package. I considered it a gift to me because I'm awesome... ROFL...oh my, even I don't believe that but hey it is as good a reason as any!

The another  episode of How the Bathroom Turns was completed yesterday. I have a working exhaust fan, a new ceiling, new light fixtures, new copper pipes, new plumbing fixtures and a new coat of paint. I have a company scheduled to come out after the first of the year to refinish the tub - it is chipped and I noticed the other day that when it was originally refinished a swath about 2 inches high and a foot long was totally missed- you can still see the salmon pink color - yuck! I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to get this project wrapped up. Now onto the basement project which I'm pretty sure is going to involve demolition of part of my downstairs bathroom to fix the cracked pipe. I'm trying to get another estimate or two on this job. More phone calls tomorrow.

Hope you all have a lovely week as Thanksgiving approaches... not too much stress. I'm not having "the meal" till Saturday to accommodate my son and his fiance and my family's other obligations. It gives me more time to straighten up my house and prep the food. Until then I think I'll enjoy the rest of today and sit and stitch a bit more.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love that "classy" house. I love seeing your progress on Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. I have the chart for Bittersweet Lane. Thank you for the tips about the floss color. I will take a good look at it before I stitch them. I also love your idea of the smyrna cross stitches. I love their bumpy texture. Have a great week and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Beautiful new starts. Can't wait to see the mystery sampler progress.

  4. Both of your cross stitch projects look so beautiful! Glad to hear there is progress on the bathroom!

  5. You have done a great job, here! I love the border design and colours.

    Good luck with your reno!

  6. I too have had to unstitch things cause the floss colors where too close--love how your cross stitches are coming along--can't wait to get back to doing mine--this is the last week I have to knit hats and mittens for the charity--I think my fingers on my right hand are about ready to fall off!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  7. Really cool border within the border thing going on with your latest stitch - and the over-sized pumpkin is neat too. I admire your brick-laying patience. So glad to hear that your bathroom epic is mostly behind you now!

  8. I'm doing the L &K mystery sampler also. That's a lot of border but I am enjoying it.


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