Friday, November 7, 2014

Head to toe on the Needles...and other stuff~

Where has the week gone??? Oh yeah, now I remember...I spent it with tile guys and plumbers and handymen!  To avoid another unlucky Wednesday, I scheduled the tile guy for Tuesday and the plumber for Thursday... oh I'm a sly one aren't I?  I'll fill you in on the details of bathroom reconstruction in a bit.

Most of the projects I'm working on are Christmas gifts so I can't show them, but I did get a pair of socks done for me!

This is the Carolina pattern I've done several times before. You can get it here on Ravelry for free.

I used the Regia yarn Design Line by Kaffe Fassett. I think it was called the Landscape collection. It was in my stash for a while.

And when I finished with the socks I cast on something for my head... a Sockhead hat...which is another free pattern on Ravelry that you can find here.

I'm using a Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn in the crazy color of Supercolourfragilistic which you can see here. Now I only cast on 128 stitches versus the 144 it called for but I think that will be a nice size for my noggin. My younger son wants a hat with this pattern too but his yarn won't come till next week. With temperatures dropping like a rock here in Ohio I think we'll both get a lot of use out of warm hats.

Now onto the saga of the continues...anyway the giant hole in my shower is patched... and it looks like a patch but it was the best he could do. Four inch tiles from 2014 are NOT the same size as four inch tiles from 1953... they are smaller but just a bit, but when you have to replace 5 rows of 5 tiles by the time you get to the last row the grout line is noticeably larger. I'm hoping that refinishing/reglazing that wall will make is less noticeable. Last year as part of the renovation I had the salmon pink/brown/turquoise tiles refinished to white... nice clean white...and  I want that look back. Also the 2014 white tiles are not the same as the refinished white tiles... ugh.. its as hard as matching fabrics.

The plumber put the fixtures back on and tried to find the source of the smell in the basement and this is again turning into the worst case scenario. It appears the crack in the pipes is either behind the new drywall or most probably embedded in a concrete support wall. The estimate for this fix it BIG!!! Right now I'm taking the Scarlett O'Hara approach,,, I'll think about it tomorrow or the next day because tomorrow my handyman, Dan is ripping out the ceiling in my bathroom and putting in a exhaust fan and some new can lights. I've been waiting for him to have time to get to this job for a while. I really would have liked to recuperate from the tile/toilet work for a bit, but I'm afraid if I cancel him it will be months before I can get back on his schedule. So more construction tomorrow!

Here's hoping your life is less crazy and that you have something fun to knit on your needles!

carol fun


  1. You and your plumbing issues definitely have my sympathy as we just finished fighting a water leak and in the process discovered a spring in our yard! Bleh! Make you want to knit, right? Love your projects. Now I need to check out that hat pattern. Thx.

  2. First, very cute socks! I am so sorry to hear of your continued plumbing problems. We lived in a house built in 1941 when we lived in Louisville. That's why my DH insisted on a new house when we moved out here. I love older homes, they have so much charm. I have had my revenge. He has spent 10 years making a new house seem old!!!

  3. Your socks and hat are cute. It's getting cold here too. I need to get busy on a hat. Thanks for the links.

  4. Great socks, Carol!! Thanks for the link to the pattern!!

  5. Me thinks you ought to knit yourself into a warm cocoon and come out when the handymen have fixed everything. :)


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