Monday, February 29, 2016

Sewing again...on Design Wall Monday...

My favorite machine for Juki... has been in the shop for the past 10 days and I have been lost without her.  She was having a spa day as she hasn't been cleaned in eons.  The only New Year's resolution I made, that I knew I had a snowball's chance in hell of keeping, was to have both of my machines cleaned and serviced this year... yeah... I kept a New Year's resolution. Glad that's over with.

I picked her up on Friday afternoon and was able to sew almost all day on Saturday. Now there are a few... a couple...a bunch...oh a whole hell of a lot of tops I should be working on, but instead I started something new. Telling myself  "this isn't what you should be doing" has little effect on me... and staring a a brand new layer cake just begging to be opened was more pressure than I could bear.

Presenting my Design Wall for the first Monday in a long while....

The pattern is called Picket Fence by Busy Hands can see it here... and the fabric is Moda's Regent Street Lawn 2015... which you can see  here.  I used a yellow Moda Grunge for the background... I think it was called Banana. Here's a close up of the prints...

Now this fabric does feel a bit thinner, like Liberty of London lawns, and it has a nice hand. I think yardage would make nice clothing. This was the perfect quick fix project for me... I got to play with new fabric and I quickly got all the blocks sewn for a 66" square top. What drew me to this pattern was that I could leave most of the fabric in 10" squares and there was no border. Lately borders have been a stumbling block for me. I can do them... I've done hundreds of them... but I know that doing them correctly requires measuring and paying attention... skills I just don't feel like using some days...big sigh!

Weather forecast is for a little bit of everything this week...rain, wind, some snow and some sunshine...right now we have sunshine and I'm enjoying that. My daffodils are up about 5" and I have some crocuses that have bloomed. I'm already planning what I want to plant in my yard and my new window boxes... and then I realized that around here the gardening wisdom says don't put anything in the ground until after Mother's Day...which is 68 days away...arrghhhhh.... that is sooooo long to wait!!! I want to buy petunias and marigolds and zinnias and geraniums and I am sooooo rushing the season.

Hope you have a good week ... I just realized that this is the 3rd day in a row I've posted... hope I can keep it up. Lately I haven't been motivated to post and I've been hanging around on Instagram a lot. Instagram is easier to do but I enjoy reading blogs too, and I figure if I enjoy reading them so do others and if I don't post and other people don't post there won't be anything to read... not good.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Carol--you are a whirlwind!!! Do you sleep???
    Please keep posting--I don't do Instagram and would miss you!

  2. That pattern is lovely!! I just started to dabble in quilting and I really like it but paying attention to measuring is a struggle LOL. I am going slow and watching a lot of YouTube Videos and following a lot f blogs.
    I am on Instagram but I still like to blog a though it's not as often as I'd like :)
    Wishing you a great evening

  3. This caught my eye! Your version is lovely!

  4. I love the new quilt. It actually made me think I need to get back to some quilting. They are selling lots of pansies up here. However we hardly ever get a freeze from now on. It's not really warm(50's and 40's at night)but pansies can live through that! Today my PT guy said gardening is one of the BEST exercises I can do . Yippee!

  5. Pretty fabrics! I like the blocks. You are so speedy when you piece--It seems to take me forever to get enough blocks done for a top. I've been thinking about doing Instagram but the thought of having one more app to follow and update and read is too tiring. I like reading blogs too. Well, her in SoCalif we skipped winter again and went straight to summer. All the trees are getting flowers and leaves already and the El Nino storms are once again missing us and clobbering the Northwest. Sigh. I can't plant anything.


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