Sunday, February 7, 2016

The "I need to slow down and stay home" Stitching Sunday...

Oh my goodness... the last week and a half/two weeks or so have involved waaaay too much running around... and I have no one to blame but me as I scheduled too much into too few hours. I am making a concerted effort this week to stay home...except for the meeting I'm going to on Monday morning... and maybe lunch afterwards... and then this needs to stop!

Anyway I did get some stitching time in and it was nice to play with needle and thread. First off I'm just about done with Stu Snowman by Teresa Kogut.

It wasn't until I was giving him a press that I noticed that the letters of the alphabet to the right of his neck spell out his name "STU"...I wonder if he got his name because of the placement of the letters or is this just coincidence... either way I'm very partial to Stu... he's a big boy! He measures over 9" tall on 36 count linen. Now, all that is left to stitch is his feet and about 8 rows of solid white under his feet. I thought he would be a good project to take with me tomorrow when I go to the Queen City Sampler Guild's stitch in meeting. I could talk and stitch without fear of messing up.

And speaking of messing up... here is my newest start...Fragments in Time by Summer House Stitch Worke.

I am stitching this on the same 36 count Edinburgh linen I stitched the Stu on... I really like it... and I'm stitching the 8 little charts as one sampler. You can see how they all look together on Barbara's Facebook page by clicking here. She has provided a complimentary graph for the border which you can see here if you scroll down to the pictures from 2015.

Now on first viewing  the graph  my take was it was a simple repeating pattern which I could stitch while binge watching old episodes of Downton Abbey and crying my eyes out.... why does that happen??? I know who is going to die and yet I still get all weepy...oh well... I do LOVE Downton Abbey. Anyway there is a repeat to the border but there are several places where it deviates needs to pay attention...and I did a pretty good job of it except when I started that colorful vertical dividing band. If you enlarge the picture you can see that I stitched 3 brown stitches between the motifs... there are only suppose to be TWO brown stitches... arghh!!! I thought everything was fine last night when I went to bed but when I picked it up this morning and started to work on the first little chart in that upper right corner I found out what I had done wrong. Frogging will be the first order of stitching today. I take comfort in realizing my mistake before stitched the other vertical bands.

So tonight I shall stitch again while watching more Downton Abbey. I hate to see the series come to an end. I saw a spoiler on a British site the other day but it was a happy ending for one of the characters I love so it was okay. I find Downton to be like a book in that you want to know how things turn out ...but you don't want it to be over. I purchased all the DVDs and I even have this current season sitting on my desk...still  wrapped in cellophane...and I can't bring myself to open it and watch the end...not will come soon enough.

So I'm going to link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow and I hope to get back to posting more here on my blog. I've been involved on Facebook and Instagram, for the past couple of days, in  a challenge to post 7 pieces of a day for a week.  You can check then out here and here.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday...
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I didn't realize Stu was a Valentine snowman - too cute!

  2. Still is super sweet. Your new project is going to be wonderful! And enjoy Downton, just think when you've watched it all you can always start again!

  3. So sorry to hear about your need to do some frogging. I am going to check out the designs you are doing as I tend to love all the things you stitch. I have not seen this one. Oh dear, someone dies in Downton Abbey. I love it too. My DH even watches with me and to think that it is not CSI Downton Abbey and he still watches it! Have a great week and I hope you find some time for stitching.

  4. Love your big boy Stu! I clicked over to look at the Fragments in Time stitching arrangement with the border - it is going to be very special!

  5. My husband and I love watching Downton Abbey too. I do not stitch during this show as I don't want to miss anything! I hate unsewing counted cross stitch! It takes so long to get the stitches in (and then out if a mistake is made...). Stu is a very handsome fellow! Good luck with your stitching his week.

  6. Stu is cute. I also don't want downton abbey to end.

  7. Stu is adorable. So glad you found your mistake early. I really hate making cross-stitch mistakes. The frogging is very difficult.

  8. Such a great snowman! Stu is looking really great. Shame about the frogging, but it's good you caught it early! I had some frogging to do last night on my Cocoa Sampler and luckily I spotted it early and it wasn't too hard to undo, and as it was last thing I was able to leave the thread stretched straightening it ready to stitch tonight.
    Barbara xx

  9. I know exactly what you mean about Downton... so sad that it will be over soon. We will have to find another series to stitch to!


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