Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I know... I'm late...

So on Sunday I said I post pics of what was on my design wall on Monday... but Monday got away from me... so here are the pics of my newest start...

The fabric is Sew and Sew by Chloe's Closet which you can see here... and the pattern is called Scratch it is from the book by Carrie Nelson called Schnibbles Times Two which you can see here.

I love this collection as it has tape measures and text and lovely vintage looking prints. I'd been ruminating about what pattern to use with this collection and thought about doing a pattern from Camille Roskelly's book Simply Retro called Framed. And low and behold, I saw that Darlene Johannis had made a beautiful top from exactly this combo of fabrics and pattern... you can see it here. Well I didn't want to be a copycat so I ruminated a bit more and found saw this quilt...click here... now you can make the argument that I'm still being a copycat but I am using different fabrics and I'm making it bigger!

I think this will be very pretty on my bed... soft and summery... and using this pattern allowed me to sneak in some pieces that highlight the text fabrics....

Turn your head sideways... can you see where it says "How Does Your Jelly Roll?"... I love that ! And here are other pieces I'm going to incorporate into the Chinese coin sections...

I think this is a fun addition however, my OCD will have to make the rest of these pieces face upright!

I made swiss cheese out of the yard of this fabric I bought for this purpose... but it was totally worth it!

I sewed a bit more today and I have all of the 4 patches sewn together and the rest of the pieces cut... I think there could be some quality sewing time later this week and hopefully finish this up. I would love to use this fabric I swiss cheesed for the back but I hate to pay $10 a yard for backing fabric... need to mull this over and talk myself into it! (Yes I said talk myself into it...not out of it... LOL)

I know I'm late but I'm still going to link up to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday... it is so nice that Judy leaves her link open for a couple of days... bet I'm not the only one who's running late!

Remember when I said we had a cool spell... gone with the wind... Ohio as most of the rest of the country is HOT HOT HOT... I went out this morning to water ... usually I don't get out of bed early enough to do that...I'm a total night owl... but I thought I should... I'll probably water a little more this evening... after 8 p.m.  I do a better job  in the evening but it takes longer as there is a constant stream of walkers by my house and every single night at least 2 people stop to talk... can't be rude... but sometimes I'm chasing daylight to finish up ... oh well.

Hope you are staying cool... happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Another wonderful quilt!! If fabric could have a sense of humor, this would be it. I hope you find a way to be cool. I know what you mean, we had to stop walking on Sun. afternoon, just too many people to talk to and my back got way too tired.

  2. I had already turned my head sideways to read the writing, before you said it :) and I'm sure you'll find something else to make with your cheesey fabric :p

  3. Love your new project and I'm pretty sure Mom has that book. I'll have to swing by her place next week and see if I can get a peek at the pattern.


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