Friday, July 22, 2016

Lots of knitty things started...

but not so much finished.... that is the state of my knitting at the moment. I've been seduced by several new patterns and yarns and I obviously own too many knitting needles, as the lack of them is no deterrent to me casting on one project after another. So here's where I stand with the projects I can see from my comfy chair...

A Pebble Beach shawl...

you can see the pattern here ... I like this pattern because it gives you the proper stitch count at the end of every row... however the OCD in me has me checking every row after I knit it so that slows me a down a bit. I've only been off count once but I feel compelled at the end of every row to go back and count.  On the plus side the pattern tells you how far along you are... I have this shawl 30% complete.

And then there is this little scarf...

it is a free pattern on Ravelry that you can see here called Jagged Triangular Scarf.  The yarn was in my stash a ball of Boboli Lace by Berroco... I know it is called lace but in my opinion it is more sock weight yarn.  It is a mix of wool, acrylic and vicose... very soft.

I really like knitting this scallop-y edge on as you go...

I wish I had thought to add beads to that little pointy part when I started... next shawl will have beads! This pattern has you weigh your yarn when you start and you knit the increase part till you reach half of the weight of the yarn and then you decrease the rest of the way... I am almost to the halfway point.

And there is always a sock on some set of needles...

another Frankensock this time with yarn from Havirland... you can see the Etsy shop here. I have seen Frankensocks done with her yarn on Instagram that I liked and thought I'd give a new palette of colors a try. The yarn is very nice to knit with and I like how it came wound on little plastic bobbins.

In fact I like the plastic bobbin idea so much that I decided to get some and then I can wind my yarn on then for other Frankensocks. I like how they don't come unwound so easily. So I went to Amazon so see what I could find and a pack of 25 bobbins was about 5 or 6 dollars ... 25 didn't seem like enough I figured I'd like about 50 to 75 which would make it approximately $15 purchase...or I could get 1000 for $16... what a deal! OH MY GOODNESS... I had no idea what a 1000 bobbins looks like...

damn you Amazon Prime!!! ... click click and on my front porch in 48 hours... what was I thinking??? Now my excuse is I ordered these very late at night...which isn't much of an excuse as I am more a night owl than a early bird... oh well, I will have to find out how many you can stuff in an envelope with one stamp on it and then I'll send them to fellow knitters... if you would like some let me know ... I'll go to the post office on Monday and figure it out.

The weather is unsettled and so am I today... it is suppose to be beastly hot but there is cloud cover and we've had a sprinkle of rain...not enough to forgo the nightly watering...I have some free time on my hands but don't know what I really want to work on... knitting...cross stitch...quilting... cleaning... oh I do know I don't want to clean... napping sounds good too ...  a little cat nap with Big Dude...

sounds perfect!

Hope you have a nice weekend coming up... I think my son and daughter-in-law are coming for dinner on Sunday and that is all I have on my calendar.  A trip to Krogers tomorrow will be in order and then I can stay put... I like staying put...

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. Don't forget you can use those bobbins for floss--multi purpose!!!
    I'm all for staying out this abominably HOT weather!

  2. I wish I had the patience to knit like that! Your knitting is so perfect and pretty! Alas my dyslexic brain gets confused and all the stiches come out differently. sigh. fortunately patchwork is much more straight forward! yeah!

  3. Carol, those look very much like embroidery floss holders. Are they the same size as the floss holders? I love the color of the yarn in your Pebble Beach shawl. That looks beautiful. You are tempting me to start new projects in addition to my Patchwork socks, but I'm having fun working on them when I have a few minutes. I didn't get much done this past week, but hopefully I will be ready to start sock#2.

  4. I'm sure have several quilt projects and cross stitch patterns underway...why not several knitting projects? I love days where I never leave the house...doesn't happen very often but I really get so much done when I don't have to spend time in a car!

  5. You have some wonderful knitting projects going on. Your color choice is as good here as it is with the fabric for quilts! Have a wonderful Sunday with your family.

  6. Oh my goodness, this one cracked me up! I can totally see myself ordering the 1,000 (I don't want to lose money on this! ;-)
    Ahh ~ I am envious of the knitting projects. I Am slowly (very slowly!) teaching myself to knit (only because my 7 year old daughter has been insisting that she needs to learn to knit) but I can still only do the knit stitch. I got brave last week and started a video for the purl stitch, but it confused me so much, I turned it off after about 90 seconds. someday.
    I just realized I never shared my OBW quilt with you! Sorry about that. And thank you for taking the time to answer my frantic questions.
    happy creating ~ Tracy

  7. After reading this, I had to dig out my plastic bobbins and wind myself some for my first Frankensocks! Then I had to order a few more-not 1000!-although I thought about it. :)
    Frankensocks have taken over my brain.


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