Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It was a Monday in every sense of the word....

By the time you read this post it will probably be Tuesday but oh it was a Monday in every sense of the word. It started with such promise... sunny and dry...and I didn't have a thing that I HAD to do... there was stuff I wanted to do and I did get to some of them but it took a while to get there. Now I was going to start with my whine about Monday but I've decided to put it at the end of this post... lets start out the way the day started out...on  a good note.

So I finished my Lunch Box quilt from the new book Charm School... you can see the book here. I used a mature layer cake from Momo called Just Wing it!  I think that lime green Grunge was an inspired choice on my part... it really makes this quilt...IMHO

Here's my favorite block... love that little bee in the upper right quadrant. 

I spotted some lime green fabric in my stash that should make a great back for this. It is just a throw size about 64" x 64".

And then to make myself feel better today (I'll explain at the end of this post) I finished sewing all the hourglass units for my Arcade quilt. The top 4 rows are sewn together and the bottom 4 rows await me tomorrow... I hope..,

Now this quilt pattern can be found in the Winter 2016 edition of Quilts and More Magazine ... the fabric is the Basic Grey line called Saturday Morning and I wish my pictures were better as these colors are so much more vibrant... bright orange, deep forest green, periwinkle, mint green, navy...and the prints are quite an eclectic mix...rather bohemian.

Here are a couple of blocks I've sewn together and you can see the prints more clearly...florals, text, dots, dashes, diamonds, little people..

There were several Grunge prints in this line and I'm using them for the cornerstones. I have the border fabric for this quilt and I ordered fabric for the back today from Fabric Shack...and enough to make some coordinating pillow cases. I think it will look great in my bedroom.  

I really needed some sewing therapy today ... now I'm going to whine for a while so you can skip this if you want... I understand. My lovely Monday went south by noon. I got in my car and the red check oil light came on... insert four letter words. Now I just got my car back from a week and half stay at the dealership that cost a pretty penny. A major repair was done and it had a 90,000 mile check up even though I haven't quite gotten to 90,000.  When I got it back on Friday I thought I was set for a while...not a mere 48 hours. I took it back to the dealership... the service tech thought it might just be a sensor, as they had put a new one in as part of the major repair and perhaps they got a bad one. Now since the major repair took waaay longer than they anticipated they have been treating me with  kid gloves and he immediately offered be another brand new loaner car. I took it as I didn't feel like spending my afternoon in their waiting room. I thought it would be a hundred dollar repair and they'd have it fixed by tomorrow.... I was WRONG... it is going to cost another $550 and it won't be ready till next week as they have to wait for the part..aarrgghhh... so far in the past 3 weeks this car has cost me $2500... I have the savings to fix it but spending money like this is NOT satisfying... and  up till today I thought I'd hang onto this car for a while. Its a Subaru, I was hoping to drive it to 150,000 miles...now I'm not sure if I should hang onto it or not.  Additionally,  I did something to my left foot about a week ago... and the pain comes and it goes... and today it came  with some sciatica pain and stayed...ugh... and I thought I'd drown my sorrows in my garden... I want to plant some marigolds... so I hit the garden shops and somehow no one had nice marigolds. I went to 3 places and still can't find what I want... these fat pompom marigolds...

And this morning I read that Judy at Patchwork Times has decided to do away with her Design Wall Monday linkup and several other linkups she has hosted. She is still blogging but it is more focused on her life in Texas. Hers was one of the first blogs I found years ago and it makes me a bit sad that this feature is being eliminated. I'm hoping that someone else may pick up the torch and host a Design Wall Monday. I thought perhaps I could do it but I've never done a linkup... don't know if it is hard to manage or not... perhaps I can look into it. I don't want to step on any one's toes but it is fun to see what others are up to and I like that it didn't have to be a finished quilt...just what you were working on at the moment. Now I know these are all first world problems and I'll get over these issues but for Monday I wallowed and whined.

As Scarlet said... tomorrow is another day... and Annie said... the sun will come out tomorrow... and as Gloria Gaynor sang... I will survive!

happy stitching-
carol fun 


  1. Great looking quilts. I really love the first one. I love lime green. Yes I am very sad to see Design Wall Monday is no more. I worked hard to show off something most Mondays. Sorry about your car, mine is on 240,000km and going strong.

  2. That lime grunge is possibly my favorite of all their colors. Great choice for that quilt! I feel your pain. Car repair bills are certainly not a pleasant way to spend your savings. I knew I was facing a big repair bill so instead bought a new one yesterday.

  3. So sorry your Monday had disappointments and an unexpected financial hit. I know that change is hard--and both the Design Wall stopping and the additional drain on your savings are changes. Your quilts, however, are beautiful--your hard work and your artistry show in each. Thank goodness you can always count on fabric to give you a pick-me-up. I live in SD, and it has seemed too early for annuals. I also love the pompom marigolds, so I hope both of us will find them before the week is out! Best wishes!

  4. Sorry about the car troubles..unexpected expenses are never welcome! Your quilts are wonderful, as usual, and I love the grunge green and little bee!

  5. So sorry about your car woes. I, too, will miss Judy's Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. Other Monday link-ups can be found at Em's Scrapbag, Love Laugh Quilts, and Cooking Up Quilts.

  6. I l o v e that grungey green, too--and you are right--it absolutely is perfect!
    Sorry your day went South--(ouch $$$--think of all the fabric with wings on them...;((( ) anyway--I hate it when something happens out of the blue like that. I am not good with that at all..(my vocab shifts into potty mouth gear for sure)
    hope today is going better...hugsx2 Julierose

  7. I was depressed all day when I read Judy's blog yesterday about the Design Wall Monday. I don't blame her for not doing it anymore if her heart isn't in it. But, people keep coming up missing in blogland and it makes me nervous.


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