Friday, May 19, 2017

A knitting post where I ramble ...

Happy Friday... I've actually had 2 days this week where I haven't spent $500 ... that is great!  The AC unit came for my son's room so quick it almost made my head spin (oh that wouldn't be good...LOL) I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon around 4pm and it was on my front porch Wednesday before noon... great service from Home Depot... it was suppose to be 2 day delivery so I was amazed when the UPS showed up.  My son was very grateful as his room temperature had to be pushing 90 he's cool and happy and that makes me happy!

So I think most of you have seen that Judy L of Patchwork Times isn't doing her linkups anymore including the Friday one about "what's on your needles?"... sorry to see it go as it motivated me to show some knitting progress on Friday... but I'm going to try to self- motivate...and we'll see where that goes.

Today I'm doing well in the self-motivation arena and I have some stuff to share... and yes some of it requires your imagination and trust ...but I know you can do it.

However, first we will start out with a finished project...

these are shortie socks done with my Blue Moon Socks that Rock skein of Rare Gems... very bright. Since it is summer-y here in southwest Ohio it is too warm for full socks... I thought these would be nice to wear with sneakers.  I got the idea for these from socks I saw on Ravelry... and my pea brain thought the pattern was called Bay City Rollers.... but my pea brain had gotten stuck in the 70's... do you remember who the Bay City Rollers were?  They were "the tartan teen sensations from Edinburgh Scotland"...ROFL... here's a link to their Wikipedia  page... and since the name Bay City Rollers stuck in my brain I got an earworm of their big hit "Saturday Night" ... and because I am every so slightly crazy (my own diagnosis) I will give you a link to this classic teeny bopper hit... listen to this at your own risk...LOL ...

Anyway  that isn't the pattern I was looking for ... it is called Rose City Rollers and here in the link to the free pattern. Now I just used it as a jumping off point for this pair... I ended up doing a ribbed cuff and did my  favorite eye of Partridge heel... but for my next pair I'm doing the rolled cuff which takes waaaay less time than a ribbed one... here is my start ...

the yarn is a well aged Blue Moon from my stash and I think it was called Watermelon Tourmaline... nice mindless knitting.

But other projects have caught my eye too... to begin this convoluted tale, I saw this free pattern called Debut...

 you can find it here. Now it calls for DK weight yarn but my stash is woefully thin in that category but then I saw this yarn at Joanns...

it is Australian Merino and very very soft... a DK/Light worsted weight, 142 yards... they had about 12- 15 colors and it was priced at.... wait for it... $14.99 a ball ...YIKES!!! Now this is really nice quality but I didn't want to pay that much... and I didn't... I had an email coupon and a text message coupon each for 50% off... now you're talking. The shawl takes 3 or 4 colors so I'll go back and get some more when I get more coupons... there was a nice plum... and a chocolate brown...and a grey...and an aqua... among several other choices.

Sooooo.... I was going to cast this on and went searching for my size 6 needles... and I have a couple of pairs of size 6's but the were ALL occupied with other projects ...shoved into ziploc bags with assorted cryptic notes I had left myself...  and of the bunch these projects, this seems closest to the finish line and I really like the happy colors of this yarn...

The pattern is called One and Done by Casapinka and you can see it here.  As the title says all you need is one skein of yarn... this yarn is from Kaleidoscope Dyeworks from Canada... a small indie dyer who I see is taking a break right now.  This colorway is called Gilligan's Island... great a new earworm song...LOL

Anyway I have 2 more repeats of the pattern and then I drop the stitches and do the edging. I knit this one back in October...but it still is in its unblocked blob form... its on my list of things to do... a list I'm ignoring at the moment.

So I have lots of things to knit ... and the weather forecast says there will be plenty of knitting time... more rain in the next week...ugghhhh.... my flowers have barely dried out ...and some got drowned and I had to yank them out of the pots and trash them...not a good start to summer.

Well I hope the weather is nice where you are...
happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. When I look at your blog, I think I should take up knitting. I do love the socks and the shawl is beautiful. Today is sunny and above 50 so I am happy! Can you believe we got rear ended leaving a garden center yesterday! So I will soon learn about spending money in a not fun way. Hopefully the other guy's insurance will pick up most of the tab since he ran into us!! Glad to hear about the AC. We lost ours one nasty summer day in Louisville. YUCK!! Have a wonderful week-end!

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  3. Cute short socks. They must be fun to knit because it goes so much faster than a regular pair. I'm anxious to see how the One and Done turns out. Look for another rainstorm coming your way. We woke up to rain this morning and it doesn't seem in any hurry to leave. But it will move East eventually and come your way.

  4. Beautiful socks and colorful yarns--something to add cheer on those cold blah days


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