Friday, May 5, 2017

Really, this is all I got to show...

It has been over a month since I linked up with Patchwork Times Friday feature On the Needles and this is all I have to show for my time... really... it is...

one solitary scrappy sock and the tiniest bit of a mate cast on... sad sad sad... I haven't been knitting as much lately (playing more with my cross stitch in the evenings) but even so I should have more to show... but I don't... because my routine lately has been cast on, knit, frog, repeat... over and and over and over and over. I think I've stated at least another 4 or 5 socks and each has been a bust... wrong colors... too small... changed my mind... got bored... or any of a million other excuses.  This one is a lot of Opal skeins... except I don't think that purple at the cuff is an Opal color... I'm not sure what that was.. I hope it turns up again in the next sock but I'm not sure as I have a bunch of little nameless balls of scrap yarn ...oh well.

I'd like to blame my lethargic behavior on the weather... and I will... too many gray rainy days... like today... which is wet, gray, cold and miserable.... what happened to those 80 degree days of April??? I was so proud of myself for getting so much potted up ... and we know pride goeth before a fall... and when I was hurrying to pot things up I was feeling smug that Mother Nature would water stuff  for me... oh and has she watered... now I'm afraid everything is drowning!!!  I've emptied the saucers out of every pot  I can on numerous occasions... I'm afraid that the roots are turning to mush... but it is too soon to know... they need a chance to dry out and then we'll see.

And then I heard on the radio today we could get some frost Sunday night....NOOOOOOOOOOO.... I have no one to blame but me if this happens as it has been drilled into me since I was a child helping my Grandma to plant that you shouldn't put anything in the ground till Mother's Day... but I was seduced by those 80 degree April days... big sigh.  I can haul the stuff I have in pots into the garage and the stuff in the window boxes on the house should be okay as they are close to the house and high off the ground. I checked a couple of other weather forecasts and they didn't have a frost warning in them so I'm hoping the radio station is being an alarmist.

And since I don't have much of anything to show knitting wise and my rants about the weather are getting depressing I will tell you about a great play I saw this week... Beautiful, The Carole King Musical...

OMG if you have a chance to see this one do it!!!  When I opened the  Playbill and looked at the musical numbers I knew it was going to be special... I knew all the words to every song listed...and if you are of a certain age (and we won't be specific here but if the 60's and 70's were your youth you know who I mean) this is the soundtrack of that time. I knew that Carole King and Gerry Goffin wrote a lot of songs but I had no clue how many hits they had... unbelievable.

I saw this show at the Aronoff in Cincinnati and the cast was wonderful. Lots of great voices... you will leave the theater happy happy happy!!!

Here's hoping mine and your weekend will be less soggy and more sunny...

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. What a fun sock!! I'm so sorry that the weather is threatening to drown your plants and flowers. I saw Beautiful last year and loved it! I didn't know anything about Carole King going into it but after the show, I realized I knew so many songs! Wonderful production.

  2. At least it is a very pretty sock!! We have had a nasty wet Spring too. I haven't planted anything much as it is hard to get in the mood when it is 50 and raining. Much better stitching weather. I will keep my fingers crossed that you Don't get a frost!!!!

  3. Here in Nashville April 15 is the magic date, but I usually wait till Mother's Day, if not Memorial Day, before planting anything. We've been in the 40s all day today, following a weekend of 90s!

  4. And I meant to add that I saw Carol King perform her entire Tapestry album at a James Taylor concert about the time it was released. Heavenly!

  5. Carole King? I might have to expand my horizons beyond hay bales.

  6. In my little corner of the world (Madras in central Oregon) we do not plant until the snow is gone from Black Butte or The last day of May. I just checked and I can not even see the butte this morning.

  7. I just saw Beautiful last week in Richmond and agree it was wonderful! Hope your flowers survive the frost...if you get it!

  8. That 1 sock is still more than I've accomplished in the same amount of time!! So you are ahead of me. I am anxious to get back to my Scrappy socks, but want to finish what I started. We are getting too much rain too, if you've noticed the flooding in MO reports of late. I'm ready for sunny days so I can plant ANYTHING! Haven't seen the Carole King play but will keep my eyes open. I am of the generation you mentioned and love all those hits. Thanks for the update.


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