Sunday, May 7, 2017

There is sun for my Slow Sunday Stitching.... yeah!!!

There is a big yellow ball in the sky and there is sunshine outside my window and that makes me happy happy happy!  Hopefully my pots and window boxes are drying out a bit and steeling themselves for the frost advisory that is out for tonight. I'm going to bring in the pots on my pyramid of petunias and  move the stuff on the porch into the corner of the porch where they should be more protected. I'm banking on the window boxes being attached to the house and  most of them 6 feet off the ground to be okay... keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer.

And I'm taking a little time today to stitch on my BBD Garden Borders... it is coming along very nicely!

I've got the windows and the door framed so there will be some mindless stitching while I watch my PBS shows tonight... Call the Midwife and Home Fires... I made a couple of color changes to the section with the bits of borders... they were all graphed in  GA Garden  Gate like the first one and it was too much gray for me. And I changed out the GA Grecian Gold to the GA Terra Cotta in the stars as there was little to no contrast with the GA Caramel Corn that I had. You can click on the pic and make it bigger to look closer... I'm still not totally satisfied .. they  still look a bit mushy to me... and as I type this I think I'll wait till I get the door on the house and maybe switch the Terra Cotta to Country Redwood... oh the "joy" of hand dyed floss... I love the look but hate the "surprise" factor... makes me appreciate DMC.

I've gotten a lot done this week as there have been baseball games... GOOD baseball games... my beloved Cincinnati Reds have had several stellar outings... games where they scored 12 runs...unheard of... LOL!!! Wish they could bank them and save them for other games... like the many they lost last year by one run...oh well...that's life and that's baseball...

And I finally got my Easter decor put away and switched the bunnies for birds... lots of birds... I LOVE birds. I re-did my 3 tiered tray and parts of it I really like, and other parts leave me mmmehh... but I got tired of futzing with it and this is how it stands...

Now for the parts I love... those hydrangeas... they are a wonderful coral red orange... and  they look great up against the tulip quilt!   And I am happy with the little Prairie Schooler Worm... isn't he adorable???  (Yeah I'm nuts... in real life I keep my distance from worms)

I scored this wonderful frame marked down at Michaels last week...

I'm going to look at my stash and see what other small pieces I  could stitch for this frame... I'm thinking I have some bird and birdhouse charts that would be cute too.

So this afternoon's baseball game starts momentarily... dinner is in the crock pot and the Dude is snoozing by the front door...

all it right in my world... and hope it is in yours too!

I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape on Monday.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. You have made great progress already on this project!
    Love your scissors! Enjoy your stitching... I love "Call the Midwife" also!

  2. Your BB piece is looking great! I love Call the Midwife and Home Fires too! Hope your plants make it through the low temps!!!

  3. Very pretty new stitching project, and I love the bird and branch frame. Hope the frosty hours are short. My Easter decor is still up--maybe I'll get it put away this week. Dude looks peaceful--must be far from mealtime!

  4. I drove to Michigan last Thursday and Friday and was on the Ohio turnpike during some of that pounding rain. I was very glad to see the sun for the drive back yesterday. Your tiered tray looks so nice. I love the hydrangea with the quilt and that frame really is a find! Enjoy your baseball!

  5. I think the cat leads a stress free life.

  6. That's the perfect frame for that little worm. I'm so glad you had some sun and I sure hope the plants made it with no frost. It is very worrisome this time of year. Borders looks great. I will keep your suggestions handy when I start mine. Country Redwood is one of my favorite colors.

  7. Forgot to say I think the tiered piece looks wonderful!

  8. If only real worms were so cute!
    Love that 3 tiered tray!

  9. Such lovely and fun too stitching. That framed worm is perfect. We are struggling with the weather...still too cold overnight and our tulips and daffodils have had to be hardy to make it through. Love how cosy it is there with your dinner in the crock and sweet kittie asleep.

  10. I wish I had time for doing some cross stitch! I have a picture that I started years ago and never finished. Your little worm is so cute in the new frame and the sampler looks great too.

  11. LOL... makes me laugh that you are delighted when it is sunny and I am thrilled when it rains. We have more than our share of sunny days here in the Land of Enchantment.
    Your decor is always so cheerful. I should take more care in changing things out around here. I love that little frame and I would have bought that at full price. :) Wshing you endless sunshine!


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