Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday...the sun came out, I survived and I didn't think about the car repair...

So a new day dawns... and I'm channeling my inner Annie, Gloria Gaynor and Scarlett O'Hara... and things were looking up. I found the marigolds I wanted... in fact I found all the marigolds I wanted both big and small and they were on sale... hot diggity dog!!!  So even though it got way past 80 degrees I decided to go outside and work in the garden... I got the big marigolds planted...

10 of them... 5 yellow and 5 orange... 5 is a number I like.... it is my lucky number... well maybe it is and maybe it isn't ... more on that in a minute.

And these two flats of marigolds will get planted around my rose bushes... they did great last year and I have high hopes for them this year.

And my pyramid of petunias is off to a grand start... including the petunias planted around the base of the rose tree I have 14 different varieties.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE petunias!!!

I also planted a half dozen lantanas and 2 perennials and I see I have a couple of spaces for more flowers... I shall definitely walk around a garden center or two later this week. I do have a gift card to a local nursery that was a Mother's Day gift... its burning a hole in my pocket...LOL

So I was outside... all hot and sweaty and muddy but happy ...and then my son came out... he needed to talk to me... okay, what's up?  His AC isn't working...he's checked the circuit breakers, turned it on and off, googled the problem and nothing is happening and there is a puddle of water around the base...drat!!!  Now he really needs this AC... it is a portable one to supplement the anemic AC he gets from the rest of the house... and he's the kinda person who always likes things cold... which his room is not when the temp outside is pushing 90... so today I won't  think about the car repair because today we need to buy a new AC unit... which is..... remember my lucky number 5... $550... bingo we have a winner... 2 days in a row ... 2 big ticket items.... I give up... the harder I try to save money the more  of it leaves my wallet... my new strategy will be to be a big spender....ROFL... ain't gonna happen. But somehow I'm not as upset about this as I was the car repair... perhaps I'm getting immune to big ticket expenses... oh that can't be good.

Well, I'm going to drown my sorrows in some premium ice cream and be grateful I can pay for this stuff... I didn't touch my sewing machine today but maybe tomorrow ....and I found this pattern this afternoon and I think I'll be downloading it tonight...

The pattern is called Delightful and it is by Natalia Bonner... here is a link to her website.  I'm thinking of doing it in shades of yellow... with a brown-y orange center.... OMG... it will be GIANT marigold!!!  Well that should keep my mind off of my money woes...

Oh before I forget ...and I just about did... I know a lot of you like me are disappointed that Judy of the Patchwork Times isn't doing Design Wall Monday anymore... but Jan of the Colorful Fabriholic told me about 3 other sites who do a design wall feature on Monday.

Em's Scrapbag    http://emsscrapbag.blogspot.com/
Love Laugh Quilt http://lovelaughquilt.blogspot.com/
Cooking Up Quilts http://www.cookingupquilts.com/

Thank you for all who commiserated with me... I appreciate it... and I'm fine... I always tell my son that no matter how bad things seem in the moment they are usually easier to deal with in a day or two... I need to take my own advice.

happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Your flowers all look so pretty. I will not bore you by complaining again about our cold rainy weather. I do have to say that there was snow up at the passes in the Cascade Mountains today!!!Plus I have lost most of my beautiful dahlias due to the wet winter. The tubers all rotted. Now I have to start over. It's been too cold to even think about the garden. Oh dear, I said I would not complain. It was 90 today in Birmingham AL and we will be going there the beginning of June. That is if we haven't frozen by then!

  2. I love your giant marigolds... real and quilted! The quilt pattern you found will be awesome in yellows. It's amazing how often the big ticket repairs come in waves. As you said, thankfully you are able to pay for them. Thanks for the links to the other design wall features.

  3. I love your petunia tower; your marigolds look good as well. I think the giant flower wall quilt will look good in yellows with a brown/orange center. Sorry to hear about the big ticket repairs!

  4. I am sorry that your woes stopped your smiling just a bit. But the bright cheerful colors and upbeat text of your blog post made me start smiling - BIG. Thanks!

  5. Ice cream and pretty petunias make any day survivable.

  6. That's very great advice! :-) And, I love those marigolds! Thank goodness it's flower season!!! :-)

  7. I love marigolds, they remind me of my Nana, she always had them. I love petunias too!! I have a bunch on my porch...I think I spy the night sky petunias at the bottom of the pyramid, aren't they fantastic!!
    Also love that quilt patter!!


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