Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wreath -a- that a word???

I love decorating with wreaths and I'm always coming across interesting ones on Instagram and Pinterest and other people's blogs... and since I like crafty projects I always to make another wreath...and this last week I made 2 new wreaths. Now it all started when I saw this wreath on here for a look. The creator of this wreath used paper to make all the gorgeous flowers...which I LOVED but I didn't want to make them... so I recreated the wreath using silk flowers...lots of silk flowers...

here is my version... I am over the moon about this wreath and my plan was for it to hang on the storm door on my covered front porch but I decided it is too pretty for that.. yes I am quite taken with myself...LOL... so it now resides on the back of the front door where I can see it from my comfy stitching/knitting chair...

so now I had a new wreath inside but I was still needing a new wreath for outside... so I made this smaller wreath...

My opinion is this wreath is okay... not great but okay... at least it looks summery and I do like the different colors and sizes of the hydrangeas...and if this one gets blown off the front door in a windstorm.... which is what happened to the last front door wreath... I won't be upset... if the ombre flower one got blown off I'd be sad...very very sad....

And along with these two wreaths I found another spot in my house to display a wreath...

this is in the hallway by the back door... I made those washi tape covered clothespins a couple of years ago and it brightens up this spot. And now that I have several places to display wreaths I can make even more....yeah... more crafty projects...just what I need...LOL

And just because I can, I'm including some pictures of the flowers in my yard... this little corner garden is turning out really nice.... if I say so myself...and I do...

it is a wild and crazy mess of different flowers and colors... I know it drives my neighbor nuts as all her flowers are color coordinated...only one certain shade of red and white..they look very nice but I like all the colors in the crayon box!

And you may remember I planted a few marigold...they are doing great!!!

I'm glad the rose bushes are holding their own against the onslaught...LOL... and a close up of some of my English roses...

I LOVE them because they look like peonies...

and an overview of  the side yard...

The petunias in the window boxes are getting a little leggy with the heat... mid 90's all this week with the heat index in the 100's...I'm out watering every day... I will say the yard is a bit overwhelming in colors and vegetation... I have had several nice compliments on it this week... I was out watering the other morning a woman was driving her car around the corner  and stopped and rolled down her window to say the flowers took her breath away... she repeated it twice... made my day...heck it has made my whole week!! LOL

Well I hope you are staying cool where ever you are... I am not looking forward to seeing my electric bill ... the AC and fans are getting quite a workout.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. My petunias are being eaten by snails! Any suggestions?

  2. Your first wreath is gorgeous! I don't make wreaths, but my mom does. I may have to show her the photo of yours. :) Your flowers are beautiful, too. It's going to be in the high 90's here this week and I, too, am watering daily.

  3. The wreath is really lovely. I'll have to get creative and do some decorating. It seems like all I work on is the applique but at least I'm making some headway. Your flowers are great. I love the English Rose (want one!!!) and nothing beats the embellishment statement of marigolds. Nice work.

  4. Everything in your garden, and your wreaths, are lovely, but those English roses took my breath away.

  5. I think the garden looks wonderful, that's just my kind of garden. Lots of things growing and lots of color. I know about the gardens of one or two colors, just not for me. Your wreath is also lovely. I like to use them inside too so that's a great place for such a pretty wreath!! Stay cool. I wish I could send you some of our lovely 70's!!

  6. I Love your wreaths and I too like them on my doors for the seasons. That is a beautiful display your front garden flowers are making. I always note flowers in the neighbourhood and appreciate them. Enjoy it all!

  7. The clothes pin wreath is adorable and all your flowers, in and out, are lovely!!!

  8. lovey wreaths and wow - your gardens are beautiful!

  9. Your wreaths are gorgeous!! and your yard flower beds are breath taking!! How beautiful thanks for sharing...hugs, Julierose

  10. What a green thumb you have! Your flowers and plants are gorgeous. I really like the clothespin wreath you created. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I need your wreath help! I *love* then, but am SO picky that the only one I own is Halloween. I see ones I like all the time on Pinterest or in pics, but never in person. I share your sentiments on your two new creations exactly.

    Your flowers are fabulous! Yeah, I get the all-over-the-place-edness of it, but I think it'every you to go for it with colors. It's like an English cottage garden with the volume turned up. Or a cutting garden. The roses DO look like peony, and I love it!! Again, come help me plant this black Victorian-looking urn I have. It's large, and I don't know how to arrange the stones for drainage etc!

    Finally, don't worry too much about the power--fans don't cost anything (practically) to run!

  12. Lovely garden! Like you, I have lots of colors in my gardens.

  13. Oh your washi tape covered clothespins Wreath is just the best thing ever! Love, love, love it. Your flowers look great - enjoy them and this lovely summer!

  14. What a fantastic clothes pin wreath you have made. And your gardens are gorgeous!!! RJ @stitching friends forever

  15. I love wreaths too and yours are so pretty and fun! Alas, I can't hang one on my front door because it faces west and the intense desert sun just fades every single thing I put out there.
    And your flowers are just amazing! I am incredibly envious. Your yard and home looks like it belongs in the English countryside. Cottage gardens are my absolute favorite!

  16. Lovely garden! Like you, I have lots of colors in my gardens.



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