Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finishing up a few things propelled by guilt on a Slow Sunday Stitching...

Hello - hope you had a nice weekend so far... last week was a busy one and some things were actually finished... hallelujah!!!  Finishing something is a good thing in many many ways but particularly as it pertains to the guilt I feel for not having stuff finished... it surfaces now and again... and I totally blame this on my 12 years of Catholic education which taught me that if something isn't done or done correctly it is no one's fault but mine. That whole thing about free will and choices...boy the nuns really drove that home... but while guilt sometimes plagues me I also believe that guilt it good... it makes us do things we should do but don't want to do... sometimes I think the world could use a bit more guilt and a bit more shame...perhaps it would keep people behaving better... but that's just me.

So lets see what got finished this week in my crazy cross stitch world....

First, I finished the Lizzie Kate Jingles  series and it is ready (after a quick press) to go to the framer...I've got 3 pics as it looks better than the 1 long skinny pic from my phone.

I had those two bottom border rows to stitch and then add the little buttons. There were also beads that could have been used but instead I just did a white cross stitch... I didn't like the fiddlyness of the beads.

Second... a small pillow that was started over a year ago...

I charted the alphabet off of a BBD piece that was given away by Moda some years ago... the little pillow was machined stitched with a row of numbers where I have the woven ribbon and it was edged with rickrack... well I stitched up the alphabet pretty quickly and then dithered for quite a while about whether to do the numbers and then just let the whole thing sit and simmer ... for a long long time.

I recently rediscovered the piece and decided it was fine the way it was...just get it's the back... fabric from my stash...

and here is how I displayed it...tucked in with my Summer decor...

I added the buttons to the corners to hide an unfortunate incident where I blew out a corner trying to get it square... just another opportunity to be crafty...LOL

Third, back from the Joanns framing department, BBD Garden Borders which I've dedicated to my Grandma Damon...

this frame is nothing special...and I think I'd like it a bit darker... I can do something about that. Joanns has less and less selection anymore...glad I found another framer.

And if things have been finished new things must be played with... and they were...

this is Jeanette Douglas Designs Vintage Birds and I am LOVING it!!!  I was able to get another skein of Portabella and while it wasn't an exact match for what I had it is close enough to mix it in...
here's a close up of the peacock... ain't he a pretty fellow?

now I still have to fill in all those squares but I'll wait till the end to do that as I plan to stitch a Smyrna cross or a a Rhodes mound and I don't want to wear the sheen off of the floss  which could happen as I'm not using a hoop for this one.  I'm using 2 ply of floss over 32 count and I really like the full coverage I'm getting.

So on the cross stitch front things are progressing nicely... my quilting is lagging a bit and my knitting is in a total slump...still working a shawl I started eons ago that just refuses to be finished. When I'm working on one project I'm feeling guilty about what I'm not working on... it is a constant battle... LOL...and I'm feeling a bit guilty about this blog. I am not updating the way I use to and I don't see that changing... so many things going on all the time and honestly Instagram is easier to deal with. Now I know lots of you are going to tell me that you don't do Instagram and if  I don't blog you won't see what I'm doing but you don't have to have an Instagram account to see me ...or anyone else...on Instagram... you can access it from your computer or phone at or if you are just looking for me go here to

Part of my guilt about the blog is not responding to the comments that are left... I use to be good at writing a personal response to each one but it takes a lot of time... I'm considering responding to the comments in the comment section of the blog which means you would have to come back to see if I left you a do you feel about that?  Personally when I leave a comment on someone else's blog I'm ok  either way... if they respond that's ok ... if they don't that's ok too. I'd really like to know your feeling about this.

So many blogs have gone away and I've found their owners on Instagram...and I understand why they left their blog behind... I assume they don't feel guilty about it... but I do... I like reading blogs... I'm just not sure how often I can update... perhaps I should just do once or twice a week...which is what I'm doing now instead of the 3 to 4 times I use to do it and feeling guilty about... mulling it over.

Okay...linking up today with Kathy's Quilts and tomorrow with Super Mom - No Cape...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love to read your are on my reading list, because I too try my hand at different stitching not just quilting. Meanwhile what a lot of lovely finishes and framing; that decorative ribbon is sweet. Don't feel guilty; just do what you can and what works for you.

  2. I love reading blogs and seeing what everyone`s stitching too. Life get`s busy but I trying to blog more often too by doing a SAL with another blogger. Happy Stitching.

  3. What lovely finishes you shared! I know many bloggers have abandoned their blogs for FB and/or Instagram, but also know some are returning to blogland. I enjoy reading blogs; I think they are like sitting down over coffee and visiting.

  4. Love all the stitching. Borders looks wonderful. I have given up on JoAnn's framing. Out here, they have very few traditional designs. So either I go to Valley House Primitives or a framer. It's more expensive but I like the results so much better. Now about blogging. If you feel guilty, I should feel just awful. I'm doing about one a month. I feel like some of you are personal friends. I don't think you would get that on Instagram but I'm not sure. I know about feeling guilty. I just seem to be busy but not sure why. One problem I have is getting my camera to take good pictures. It's a good camera but seems to have a mind of its own at times. I love your blog so don't quit however, I would still follow you in Instagram!!

  5. Please keep blogging! I love reading your blog! Beautiful cross stitch projects. I have one done that needs to be framed. I need to do that sooner than later.

  6. How's this: I'll read your blog anytime you update. ;-)

  7. The reasons I'm not blogging right now are complicated. (And not, probably.) I LOVE your blog, and I enjoy reading blogs in general, even without Google Reader to help me out! I also am glad to see you on IG, but blog is still my favorite, because I can hear your stories and how it's going with you. :)

  8. Love your Lizzie Kate, peacock and alphabet! I think the framed cross stitch looks fine. There are sure plenty of things ruined by guilt and you have to decide how much to let it go! I'm not blogging as much as I used to and do miss the folks who have fled to Instagram. So far I've not wanted ONE MORE social media to keep up with. I'll continue blogging and try not to worry about how often --once or twice a week seems adequate to me!

  9. Stop feeling guilty about not blogging as frequently as you used to. I'm luck if I do 3 or 4 posts a month It's supposed to be fun, not an obligation. And why haven't your figured out a way to quilt, knit, and cross stitch all at the same time? LOL!

  10. No need to feel guilty about whether or not you blog, or how often. It's supposed to be fun, so just do whatever works for you.

  11. Guilt or no built, your finishes look amazing! You should be thrilled with your results.
    I rarely blog more than once a week, and always respond to comments within the blog. I like the way it has built up a little community of embroiderers around the world. I can also share a lot more in detail. But, I completely understand about the lack of frequency, I'm hardly one to look to in those regards! It's difficult to keep up with everything! Instagram is a great way to go, and seems to also have that nice community 😊

  12. Blog when you want - it's supposed to be fun not a chore. What a great peacock Carol!

  13. I really like reading your blog. If you respond via e-mail I will see it, otherwise I won't look back. I don't mind either way. I really love that peacock. I was surprised when you said you had to fill in the squares, because I like it as is. My Joann's has never done framing and I no longer like Michael's or ACMoore. There is a local framer that I am thinking of using so that I can get my needlework framed the way I like it. Jingles is great by the way.

  14. I love all your finished pieces, and the new one you are working one is lovely. I do enjoy reading blogs and your is one on my list to read.

  15. Enjoyed seeing the updates on your projects!
    This is your hobby so you can do whatever you want to make yourself happy :)
    Guilt free!!

  16. Carol, I love the way you added the ribbon trim to the little blue pillow. The Lizzie kate Jingle is just adorable and I LOVE the BBD garden stitch. Such beautifully done projects and time consuming ones! You are a prolific stitcher and do such beautiful work. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  17. I get that Catholic guilt thing, but I also agree that the world in general could use a little of it. However, when it comes to blogging and choosing how you want to share your world with guilt allowed. You just need to do what works for you. I dabble with Instagram, but I love blogging best. I started blogging to keep a record of what goes on around here and I think I'm too long-winded to fit it into Instagram. :)


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