Sunday, October 1, 2017

All in for Halloween on Slow Stitching Sunday...

If today's weather is a harbinger of what is to come for Fall, bring it on!!! From the woman who always complains about the weather, I have nothing to harp about on this glorious Sunday. I have all the windows in the house open ... the sun is shining...and there is a gentle breeze... I'm gonna park my butt in my easy chair and stitch stitch stitch...

But before I do that I will overload you with pics of my Halloween decor. Don't know what got into me this year but I have gone all in for Halloween.  So here's a tour of my house, starting with the main event...

I made the quilt back in 2013... you can see more of it here... there are 88 different Halloween prints in this duplicates. I picked up the Spooky banner at the Dollar Spot at Target... it was three dollars but I'm not quibbling. The colors are perfect for this display and they are glittery... I love glitter... you can click on any of these pics and make them bigger to see the details.

Down in front we have the Halloween 3 tier tray... oh I had so much fun putting this together...

I've got close up of lots of the goodies in this tray starting at the top...

I've have two new pieces of cross stitch here... Halloween piece is Lizzie Kate's Pumpkin Pocket... this came as a kit but all I used out of it was the chart and one black button. I stitched it on 32 count linen I painted and used DMC flosses.

I took my embellishment cues from Priscilla and added that polka dot ribbon bow, a sparkly bat and that little broom stick.

The little green girl is from Prairie Schooler's Trick or Treat... she wasn't green on the chart but this is my homage to Wicked which I saw again last week... great show!!

I finished these little pillow using some vintage Debbie Mumm fabrics. I put polyester fiberfill in the top and added crushed walnut shells so they'd sit up nicely. I added about an inch of fabric at the bottom as I thought the base might get lost in the tray and I'm glad I did it that way.

Onto the middle and bottom trays..

More cross stitch and a bat and a skeleton and those cone shaped pieces are witches' hat made from pipe cleaners with a back brim... hard to see. Anyway close ups of the cross stitch...

This little guy is also from the PS Trick or Treat chart... and the filler in this tray is that sparkly black and orange garland... my carpet is covered with little bits of orange and black ... gotta vacuum.

And this is from the bottom of the PS chart...

And last but not least on the bottom tray is the Pumpkinhead Girl...

All of the cross stitch pieces were stitched on linen I hand-painted... I really love the look and I'll be doing more linen painting soon.

As we pan around the room we see that the Lizzie Kate Boo Club has returned from the framer... and I LOVE that purple frame....

It was a very good thing that I mis-counted and ran out of linen... this piece wouldn't have fit where I wanted to hang it if it was any longer or wider. I did have them leave a generous border on this piece as I wanted to show as much of the linen as I could. Also I asked them to frame this over a piece of fleece/batting which I took them and they did a great job. I really like how a cross stitched piece looks when it is slightly padded. Now you can do glass with this technique but I don't do glass on my pieces so it works fine for me. I'm going to take them my Lizzie Kate Christmas piece next week and have them do that one padded too.

Here's a view from my of the front door...

See how the Boo Club just fits... and the Gourdy Guys are hanging in there... the quilt is my Halloween Swoon from 2011... you can see more of it here. I was gung ho for Swoon blocks when the first hit the scene and I have 7 more big ones done for another quilt but this is the only Swoon I've completed... need to go look at that UFO again.

The bookcase has a large helping of pumpkins and quilts and some Fall cross stitch...

And the table is set...

Now I can sit and stitch... I picked up the Prairie Schooler Trick or Treat that got me started on all this Halloween stitching...

I usually wait to put in the back stitching but there was so much of it I decided to go ahead and get some of it done. It does add a lot to the piece.  I didn't fill in the windows, I think the linen looks good showing there.  I'm about half way done... I'd love to have this piece finished and displayed by Halloween and there is a chance I can do it. If I get it stitched I'll just "frame" in myself  in a Priscilla like fashion... she shows some wonderful pieces and I could do that.

So have I over stimulated you with Halloweenie stuff??   I am really enjoying it this year... LOL...can't wait for the hordes of Trick or Treaters that will come to my door.

Today I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts and on Monday I'll link with Super Mom - No Cape...hope you are having a slow Sunday. I'm going to sit and stitch  and enjoy the lovely weather. No dinner to make again this week... will probably go out for  a quick bite later...

don't want to waste away like this guy...LOL!!!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oooo, your Halloween decor is spooktacular! Maybe you could do the Boo Club parts you left off as ornaments on their own? It's such fun at your house, Carol!

  2. Wahoo!! That was a fun trip! You've really done a lot of decorating. The new cross stitch piece looks perfect by your front door.

  3. What lovely decorating in your home!
    I love the little witch... I also love Wicked and know all the songs :)

  4. My dream room! You know I love Halloween, could decorate every room all year long in Halloween:) Great great post! Made my day!

  5. Oh my gosh, how I love everything. Your 3 tier tray looks wonderful. The quilt is just amazing. I think I might have to hop on a plane just to trick-or-treat at your house.

  6. you adopt me?

  7. Wonderful decorations! you have so many great halloween collections. I love the embroidery pieces. Your charm quilt is FABULOUS!

  8. Wow! All of it looks great. Can I be bold and ask for a tutorial on how you paint and dye your linen? Also when you stitch do you go up in one stroke and then down in another? Or do you go in then out with one needle full of thread then pull it taught?

    I enjoy quilting counted cross stitch and decorating but feel like I'm always much slower than many. Any insight would be appreciated so I can speed up my finishes.

    Ps: I love Priscilla's finishes and the gourds are adorable!!
    Thanks Carol, Jane

  9. My goodness - your decorations look amazing!
    Thanks for the link back to Pricilla - I used to read her blog and she disapeared on me. Perhaps she changed her blog name a while ago?

  10. Soooo spooky at your house! Nice to see all of your cross stitch pictures out on display! Good luck getting your current project done before the end of the month!

  11. What fun at your the decor

  12. The tray is great as are all your stitching and Halloween decorations. Are the plates on the last photo Debbie Mumm?

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  14. WOW... you really did go all in for Halloween! And you have so many fun pieces. I love all the different cross-stitch items. And that quilt!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and the link back. Aloha hugs!


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