Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2013

I LOVE the Blogger's Quilt Festival !  I am blown away by all the awesome quilts and stories that are shared. A feast for the eyes and the heart!

My submission this time around is for the Scrappy quilt category -  my latest Halloween quilt --

Trick or Treat Triangles!

This quilt measures 50 X 68  and it is a charm quilt - it has 88 different Halloween fabrics!  The triangles are 9" tall which was a nice size to show off the larger prints. I used the Creative Grids 60 Degree Triangle Ruler to cut it out - you can see it here.  This ruler makes fussy cutting a breeze.

Here are a few of my favorite prints -

Bride of Frankenstein and friends...look close and you can see some little creature peeking out of her hairdo!

Witchy underwear... at the top of this piece it says  "witches undies, scarey screamy,have a happy halloweenie"!

Hearses... notice the casket bouncing out the back - LOL!

Mummies with heart!

And Dracula overlooking assorted items hanging on a clothesline!

Hope you enjoy looking at all the quilts as much as I do!

Happy stitching-
carol fun



  1. You are after my own heart making a Halloween quilt! So many cute fabrics in there!

  2. That is too cute! I love getting out my halloween quilts every year- my favorite print features witches in the bath!

  3. I love that Halloween quilt!

  4. what a great entry - I have a Halloween quilt too this year. the fun fabrics are just too hard to resist.
    Your quilt is fantastic

  5. This is totally cute! What scrappy fun!

  6. How fun! Wherever did you find 88 halloween prints???

  7. How fun! How did you ever collect so many Halloween charms?

  8. Cute quilt! Love all the cute Halloween fabrics. I have a Halloween quilt in the festival this time too.

  9. oh yeah! Very fun. And every triangle is different - that's cool! Thanks for showing me!


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