Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank you from deep inside my cast...

and the bottom of my heart! Thank you for all your sweet comments. I would love to respond to each one individually but at the rate I am typing it will take about 6 weeks and hopefully by then the cast will be off. OMG if this cast isn't off in 6 weeks I will have to attack it with my rotary cutter. So have you picked up on my intense dislike of this cast? Subtle I ain't! Monday and Tuesday I had a lot of pain. Wednesday morning I went back to the orthopedic office and begged them to make the hole around my thumb bigger. My thumb was purple! Well it turns out it was purple not from lack of blood flow but because it is bruised - badly! However the larger opening does feel better.

So it was less than 48 hours and I was going stir crazy and there were several errands that needed to be taken care of and my son had a doctor's appointment - so I drove. I will not be doing the expressway.

Thursday I had to try doing something crafty. I was having withdrawal! I did get this block sewn together but it took hours and by the time I finished my wrist was throbbing. I probably over did it!

So I tried knitting -result - I can do it but it is also awkward, slow and painful.
Onto cross stitching - not as bad - and I remembered that I did still own a Q-snap frame which might facilitate the process. This is my attempt...

now this may be the least painful craft. At one time in my ancient past I owned a floor stand that I used for needlepoint. I searched the storage room which is an opening shot for "Hoarders:Buried Alive!" without success, but I did find one online for $35 including shipping- I've already ordered it. I figured it would be helpful and a small price to pay for my continued sanity, what little there is left of it.

In closing, Who knew putting on your underwear requires TWO HANDS??? Oh to be back in the 70's - skinny and braless!

Happy stitching from your whiny friend -
carol fun


  1. I see you still have some sense of humor with all this. Glad you found a craft you can still do. I say just go braless, who cares.
    Hope it is a fast 6 weeks.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Hey--I live in a senior housing apartment building--
    and the '70' are alive and well here!!!!
    I get a kick out of the older ones here when they quietly confess that they have no bra on--and some even tell you when they don't have on panties!!!
    and yes I would be crazy too not being able to do some crafts so sure hope your cross stitching comes right along!!!
    I am still in the knitting 'fire'--I really need to work on some quilting or cross stitch or something else--maybe next week?????
    hang in there--am thinking about you--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  3. GEt well - stay sane! Hope the stand helps out!

  4. You have a very good reason to whine so you whine all you want. I'm here listening! LOL

  5. Hi Carol, it was putting on your bra that I was thinking of! I discovered the same thing - I just went without at home, had one very sloppy one I could pull on or I would have to get a friend to do it up. When my mother also broke her wrist recently it was the same complaint! Hair washing was the other big annoyance!

    Keep sane - it won't be there forever!

  6. Hey whine away!! Thank goodness you found something you can work on basically one handed. That block cracked me up, the fussy cut center must represent exactly how you feel LOL.


  7. Hang in there! Things are bound to get better, right? LOL

  8. Ack! I hope you heal quickly. I think the block looks great!

  9. Feel better soon!! Too funny about needing 2 hands for underwear. lol

  10. Oh Carol...your sense of humor is alive and well in all this. Funny how we never think of all the things we need both hands for, isn't it? I never would have thought of that stuff either. I am with the other posters..GO BRALESS..the 70's rule! :) Hang in there dear friend and hopefully that stand will arrive soon and offer you a much needed crafty outlet.

  11. I'm with all above--go braless! Hang in there. Nola

  12. Sounds tricky! I'm sorry it's difficult for you! I admire your crafting determination :-)


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