Friday, November 25, 2011

Something finished for Friday....

I have something finished for Friday besides polishing off the cranberry sauce...this pair of socks. Now I'm not sure anymore if these are cool in steampunk kinda way or just simply ugly, but they are done.

This is another pair of plain vanilla stockinette socks - the kind I always take with me to keep me occupied while waiting. Totally mindless knitting. The yarn is Regia Design Line- Random Striped Yarn and the colorway is Snappy.

Well that name is very accurate. The stripes are very random, although there is a repeat pattern and to ensure that my socks did not match (that's the way I like them) when I started the second sock I rewound the skein so the yarn would come off in the opposite pattern direction.

With this pair finished, I started another stockinette pair in a pretty new ball of Opal sock yarn - turqupise, fuschia, cheddar and off white-- very festive. I do love self striping sock yarns. Watching the pattern develop keeps me motivated. I started the second purple cable sock I showed last week, but that is a "thinking" sock, one I have to pay attention to, so I only work on it at home.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, we ate our big meal at lunchtime, napped the afternoon away and then indulged in leftovers for dinner. I think I like the leftovers even more than the meal.

Okay - off to deal with some laundry and do a little cross stitch. I'm almost done with my Bent Creek Quaker Noel Row and I got a pattern in the mail today that I want to kit up and start for January - it is this cute snowman sampler from Brenda Gervais.

If you went shopping I hope you got lots of bargains - take care and happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. These look like so much fun!! I love them.

  2. Oh I love them! Sure to keep those footsies warm this winter.

  3. They are not ugly, I love them!!

  4. Those are great! I can knit the simplest of scarves, but socks scare me and I'm really afraid that I would become obsessed with yarns.

  5. Wowww, i just LOVE those socks !!! Awesome yarn !
    Patti xx


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