Monday, August 13, 2012

I am so honored!

About a month or so ago,Karin at Lovin' Life at the End of a The Dirt Road told me she was getting chickens. I shared how much I'd like a coop of my own, but I have a homeowner's association that frowns on backyard fowl. Karin said I could live vicariously through her flock and she was going to name the sweetest chicken after me. Oh my goodness - what an honor! I told her that my son suggested that she should name the orneriest chicken after me - and I understand his thinking. I can be quite a pain in the butt. But is it my fault that I know exactly what he should be doing??? As I have told some people, do it my way and at least one of us will be happy. Yeah, that doesn't always go over too well.

Please stop over at Karin's blog and read the wonderful story of her chickens - it will make you happy and make you sad and then make you happy again! Thank you Karin -- I am so honored!

Now if you've stopped by here the last week or so you have seen a noticeable lack of new content. Sorry about that but I've been up to my eyeballs in projects to help my son move into his first house. I've made hundreds of trips (okay that's a slight exaggeration) to furniture stores, IKEA, hardware stores, Walmart, JC Penneys and Kohls. He is starting from scratch and HATES to shop so he's given me his checkbook and told me to take care of it. It has been fun shopping for everything from curtains to dishes but after I've deposited them at his new house they always seem to need extra attention - from washing the dishes to hanging the drapes. I will say the place is taking shape nicely. He has this week off (although he went into work this morning for a couple of hours - the boy is a workaholic) and together he and I painted the walls in his bedroom. I love the blue he picked out - click here - Stratford Blue by Benjamin Moore. Tomorrow we have plans to paint woodwork and doors and assemble some of the IKEA furniture that was delivered today. I'm hoping that we can get him moved in by the end of the week and that I can get back to my sewing room.

But for now I'm going to take 2 Advil and go to bed. I know I climbed up and down that ladder at least a million times today (and no that isn't an exaggeration). LOL!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. You are being a great Mom! Love that blue!Congratulations on the chicken honors!

  2. Congratulations!Thanks for sharing Karin's blog.
    I hope that your son's house is shaping up, I know that help means a lot to him and it musy be great helping him in this new stage of life.

  3. I just love that you have your very own live chicken. I hope he lives a long healthy life.
    Love the crazy design.
    Glad to hear your son's new den is shaping up well. What a wonderful Momma you are!

  4. I can't wait for the day when my son hands me HIS check book and asks me to fix his home him. It sounds like so much fun.

  5. Karin's check story had me in tears; sadness and lots of laughter. LOL

    You're such a good mom. Tell your son I think he's very lucky to have you for a mom. :-)

  6. Glad your chicken was spared from the nasty skunk.

    Hope we get to see pictures of your son's house when it's all done.

  7. Awww I love that you have your own chicken. :)

    You are being a super great Mom, hang in there, you are almost at the finish line. :)

    Besides, you have to be good to your Son, that way he won't sign you into a home later on down the road!

    Have a good one.

  8. What a great mom your son has! Hope you post some pictures of his new place when you are all through. And the tale of the chickens was, indeed, bittersweet -but most certainly ended with a smile. Carol

  9. Wish I could have gone with you on the trip to Ikea. I've only been once because it is so far from here, and my husband kept looking at his watch the whole time. Nice you are helping your son; I do the same whenever my kids move. It's kind of fun to help them get things set up. But, hope you are back to stitching soon.

  10. Naming a Chicken after you--well, that is something. I hope it is polka dotted somewhere!

    My daughter and son in law are in process of buying a house. I can see I'll be occupied similarly soon, although they will definitely be picking out all their own stuff--they enjoy it. I'll be in charge of painting, sewing curtains, and maybe dog sitting...

  11. You've been a busy, busy mom! How cool about the chicken!

  12. Totally cute post. I really enjoyed it. I'm so happy for you and your son about his first home. I'll go check out the chickens now.

  13. LOL - you funny girl. Being a mother hen is a good thing! Your son is blessed to have you fluffing his new nest. He'll have the coolest pad in town! Carol, aka: Coleslaw :), is keeping everyone in line in the chicken yard. Now if I could only get HER to paint!


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