Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slow stitching on Sunday

First before I forget.... and I have for the past couple of days. Since the Google Reader is going away I have claimed my blog on Bloglovin, so you can follow me there. Or you can follow me on Feedly. I hope I've got these buttons loaded correctly. I am following blogs on both sites and trying to see which I like best. So far it depends on whether I'm reading them on my blog or my Kindle. Use whichever works best for you  and thanks for reading my blog. I do appreciate it!

So there were a couple of baseball games last week, and while the scores were less than satisfying at least the cross stitch time was pleasant. I finished Bluebird Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.

I am very happy with how this turned out. It measures about 5 X 7 inches. I think I will have it framed as it will look very pretty on the blue walls of my new bedroom.... when I finally get moved in.... which is still a while away.... as the renovation is in slow motion at the moment. Need to put this thought out of my head - now.

So fortuitously, after putting the last stitches in the Bluebird piece on Wednesday night, on Thursday the mailman brought the latest installment of the Ladies Prim Society from Dyeing to Stitch. This piece is another one by Nan at Threadwork Primitives - love her stuff! It is called Victory Garden and it will be a beautiful pinkeep.

Now I only got a couple of motifs started.

Love the crown -- we all need a crown don't we? And that bird...I'm not sure what Nan had in mind but to me this little guy looks like one of those fancy schmancy chickens. You know the ones with the cute topknot of feathers? And you know how I love chickens - LOL! The linen is lovely olive green. My picture doesn't show that well (blame the photographer). You stitch your initial on a separate piece of linen and sew them together to complete the piece. I can't wait to get to that part.

And have you seen the Loose Feathers offering from Blackbird Designs? Here are the first six charts.

The chart with the big bird in the little tree in the upper left hand corner of the first picture is suppose to be released in July. I am loving these. Alphabets, great borders, a house or two and birds - love them all!  Barb Adams of BBD says that each chart can be framed in the same style molding and the 12 pieces will fit together like a collage. I'm thinking of stitching them and then sewing them together with BBD fabric and making a wall hanging quilt. I'll have to see if this works in reality but it seems to work in my brain - which really isn't any guarantee now is it? LOL!

So while parts of my life are stressful at least I can turn to my stitching for enjoyment and relaxation. And as Martha would say "that's a good thing."

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That's a great thing Martha!
    Such a pretty finish!
    Love the pinkeep project.
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Absolutely a good thing!!! I am in love with the new BBD designs and can't wait to see the rest!
    Love your sweet bluebird finish ~ bluebirds always remind me of my grandfather. Had t chuckle at your description of Nan's bird!

  3. I think that's probably the bluebird of happiness that's going your wall, don't you?

  4. All your stitching looks great. i also love those BBD designs!

  5. Pretty finish! I love Nan's designs. And unfortunately, I love the new BBD pieces too. :)

  6. Hey Carol, Your LPS is looking great. Glad you like my royal funky chicken :))) I'm going to need a few of those loose feather designs for my stash. ~Nan


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