Friday, January 17, 2014

Good thing I don't drink,smoke or gamble

It is a good thing that I don't drink, smoke or gamble, because if I did I would  be in BIG BIG trouble. Instead my vices are yarn and thread and fabric, and right now I am soooo into this Lion Brand Amazing yarn. You can check it out here.

So last week I showed the Urban Lace Infinity Cowl I was blocking. The pattern is here on Ravelry and it is free.  This colorway is called Mauna Loa.

I love that swath of coral on this side...

and the purples and blues on this side are pretty too.

And as soon as I had this one off the needles I cast on another one in the Wildflowers colorway. I blocked it last night.

This is one skein, 147 yards and there is no color repeat. It started with a coppery rust color, then went into green and grayish green and then into purple...

And the purple turned into a taupe and then it changed to gold and into a blue gray...

And then a mallard blue appeared and finally ended in a lovely shade of olive.

I can't wait for this to dry so I can kitchener it and wear it.

So I've made 3 of these cowls in the last 2 weeks, so what's on my needles now?

You guessed it, another Urban Lace Infinity Cowl this time using the Arcadia colorway. Its a good thing this stuff is legal - LOL!

And on a happy note today is my oldest son's birthday. He is 29 today and has been whining a bit about "how did I get to be this old?" Now as his mother, who was 32 when I gave birth to him I don't have much sympathy. Poor guy. I was making him a birthday card last night and looking about online for a nice sentiment to write inside. I thought about this one, "Every year you get older, I start feeling older. Maybe that’s because I am getting older too. Either way, I’m blaming you for making me feel old. Happy Birthday!" But instead I went with a nicer little message telling him how I hope the next year and his entire life is filled with good things. Such a good mom (I know I should be careful that I don't strain my arm patting myself on my back - LOL!) Okay, off to make birthday cupcakes!

Happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. I think yarn and fabric are much healthier vices. :o) Gorgeous yarn projects. Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. I don't knit and I think I should buy that yarn! Gorgeous. I loved the Mauna Loa you showed last time and adore the Wildflowers. How many other colorways are there for us to see you knit up?

  3. I've always said the same thing about not drinking, smoking or gambling. At least our vice is a creative one!!! I read an article years ago that said stitching helps reduce blood pressure, so it's healthy too!!!

  4. ooohh those yarn colors are like the sunset Beautiful!! Love the birthday sentiment my oldest will turn 30 in June.
    stay warm

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! And your cowls look great. It reminds me of the cowl I have 3/4 of the way done that I should finish but am scared to because I forgot where I left off and don't know how to do the kitchener. LoL

  6. A very Happy Birthday to your son! I had a real crisis when my DD turned 40! She was fine about it. I have the same addiction as you!! That yarn is beautiful but so far , I have stuck to stitching. I am very bad at "needing" floss, linen, and charts!!!!

  7. Oh my! You have gone cowl crazy and I still love them! Love the colors in the last one ~ oh heck, they are all great!

  8. I like to think of knitting as cheap therapy--most days it is unless you buy lots of yarn. The scarves are lovely!

  9. Gorgeous stuff! The colors are wonderful.

  10. I really love your cowls. I think I have some of that yarn in a UFO. happy birthday to your son. I did the math, and you and I are about the same age. I have a daughter that age, too.

  11. Sounds like a good vice to me!! I think the smokers and drinkers and gamblers are missing out! Those colors are just devine.
    And as for this getting older this age we learn to really enjoy life AND we get to keep all the wisdom we've earned and didn't have when we were in our 20s. The best of both worlds!


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