Monday, February 23, 2015

A change in direction... maybe...

Tap tap tap... is anyone still out there? Sorry to have disappeared I have been up to my eyeballs in making invitations for my older son's upcoming wedding. Check back tomorrow for some pictures, but right now lets look at my design wall. Sooooooooo.... I was all gung ho about the APQ "Go Four It" QAL and got off to a pretty fast start, but now I'm falling behind. I'm blaming it on my other obligations and the fact that I wasn't as happy with the layout as I thought I would be.

Here are about 35 blocks using the layout from Moda Lissa's version of "Go Four It". I like the scrappyness but the more I looked at it the more I wasn't thrilled with the little bright squares running in a vertical direction.

And then I saw Thelma of Cupcakes 'n Daisies take on this quilt - go check it out here. Sooooooooo....I rearranged the blocks with the little bright squares running in a diagonal direction.

And I'm still undecided as to which version I like better. Now if I do keep this second layout I would be able to remedy my anal OCD issues with text and directional fabric running upside down or in these two bad boy blocks.

See how the little girl in the bottom left hand corner is sideways and that petunia block is standing on it's head?  In the first layout they are always cattywampus, but in the second layout I could make them right side up... and I would like that...A LOT!!!  You wouldn't think that would bother me as crazy and busy as most of my quilts are but it does. I blame in on the need for order and guilt instilled in me from twelve years of Catholic education administered by nuns in black habits... with rulers.  They liked order ... A LOT... LOL!  Anyway we all have our issues don't we?  Some of us have a life time magazine subscription of issues!

And while I was gone from the blog, we got our dose of winter here in southwest Ohio. Snow, bitter cold, snow, bitter cold, snow, bitter cold and more snow and more bitter cold !  Okay it isn't as bad as the East coast but right now there is about 10" in my front yard. This week's forecast is for more cold but hopefully no more snow till the weekend. I hope they are right but their track record last week was less than stellar.  A forecast "nuisance" snow of an inch or so ending up being about 4 inches.

Well I hope to get in some sewing time this week. The invitations are in the home stretch, just need  a bit more assembly, some address labels and postage. Hope your week has some quality sewing time!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Ha - those are beautiful blocks! Either way!!

  2. I like the new setting better, but does my opinion really matter..LOL! It's gorgeous either way.

  3. I like the pops of color on diagonal lines. Very creative. Appreciated your comment re lifetime subscription to issues! Is that not often the case! Stay warm!

  4. Photos of the invites please!

  5. Love the cheerful colors. For all the good it does, I vote diagonal.

  6. The blocks look great both ways. It's going to be such a cheerful quilt!

  7. Snickering at the OCD thoughts. 😉 I love both layouts, but the vertical one reminds me of icicle Christmas lights--the multicolored ones. I LOVE Christmas lights!

  8. You make me chuckle...a lifetime magazine subscription of issues...yep! I like the diagonal direction too!

  9. They both look great, but I (personally) like the diagonal ones a bit more. And I'm totally with you on the text/pattern direction.


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