Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snowmania ... inside... on a Slow Stitching Sunday...

Hello -- well this is the first week that has felt "normal"... things occurred on the days they were suppose to... and I like that routine... we didn't have a lot of places to go and I like that too... I did consign all the Christmas decorations to their plastic bins and my son toted them down to the basement... did a small purge and have a little pile of stuff to give to Goodwill... made a bit more room for more stuff... and I LOVE my stuff!!

It is taking longer to get out all the snowmania than in the past... couldn't be because I'm getting older and slower, could it??  No way... well maybe... and there was a bit of indecision on my part as where to put what... I didn't want the displays to be exactly like they were last year...which would have been the easy way out... I wanted to mix things up a little... and some things are in different places but other things returned to their previous location... oh well... I'm happy with the arrangement so far.. a rough count is at least 80 pairs of beady little eyes are peering out into my living room... good thing I'm not paranoid...LOL.. and copious amounts of fake snow have fallen here, there,  and everywhere... my family thinks they may need to stage an intervention ... I do love the look of the snow in the displays... but they are safe for the moment as I've run out of the fake snow... should have bought more after Christmas... will remember to do that next year as I don't see my fascination with the sparkly stuff diminishing any time soon...

Here's what I'm "done" with.. to start... my calendar display... the January edition of Hands on Designs A Year of Celebration and a Christmas present from my younger son... a snow/glitter globe... so cool!! ... and fake snow...

I moved the Prairie Schooler Winter piece to the other side of the entertainment center so it got a little more attention... and fake snow...

Moving around the room... the wall quilt and tier tray... this was a super easy quilt... it is a panel from Moda... I added the two borders on the bottom and had Quilting by David do a great Snow Crystals panto on it... I love his vintage 50's vibe...

the tier tray has a nice mix of cross stitch and snowmen ...

at the top a piece from Teresa Kogut...

next level has the Winter ABC's from Lizzie Kate

and my most recent finish... Holiday Hoopla Christmas... except I eliminated the Christmas elements... for me Christmas and snowmen are mutually exclusive... so I removed his hat and gave him a cute bow tie ... added some pompom trim and popped him into a little tart pan...

bottom level has Alfred from Heart in Hand Designs... I'd like to do some more small pieces like him to add to my displays...

I'm still working on the shelf display but I did get All Bundled Up FFO'd..... I love that polka dot ribbon... picked it up months ago at Dollar Tree... bought a couple of spools ... you'll see more of it ...

Another display is this two tier table.... lots of beady little eyes here... mostly ornaments ... I love all these little guys too... notice the artful use of fake snow... LOL

A new display area for me is in my kitchen... I got in trouble after seeing this chicken wire box shelf on IG... I pined after it for a while and then found it at my local Hobby Lobby for 50% off... sold!!!

it is a generous size and I was able to fill it with two snowman cookie jars which are both gifts from my younger son and lots of smaller snowmen who are food themed... you can't see it in this picture but there is a lip on the box and inside at the base is.... wait for it... fake snow!!

So while snowmania is happening inside Mother Nature has no clue what season it is... last week had a couple of lovely sunny days in the 50's and the last 2 days have been rainy and 65... we broke a 90 year old record for a high temperature yesterday... 70 degrees ... in January ... in Ohio... I'm not complaining because my furnace isn't running non-stop... forecast for next week is unseasonably mild temperatures... I'll bet we pay for this in February and March... Mother Nature always wins in the end.

As for what I got done in the crafty realm this week... well I finished knitting  a shawl I stumbled across in a ziploc bag... I have NO clue when I started it, but it is very pretty yarn and an easy pattern... I'll show it when I get it blocked... and that led me to another project which is totally captivating me... I can't stop knitting on this...

The pattern is a freebie called Taina and you can see it here.... the yarn is a new to me brand ...Urth Yarns  Uneek Fingering... I got it here at Jimmy Beans  Wool... I love that it stripes up and slowly changes colors... the beginning has a lovely olive and taupe stripe section...moving into gold and brown ...and now I'm knitting a turquoise and rust section...

 between wanting to get to a new pattern repeat and wanting to get to a new color section I can't put it down... lots of easy garter stitch and yarn overs... I'm using the 3002 colorway which you can see here... but I also bought a skein of 3020 ... you can't have a skein of yarn or a fat quarter of fabric or a pattern travel alone... its like with nuns... they have to have a companion with them... right???

I did make some progress on the Winter Welcome...

I'm shooting for a finish next week...

And in the meantime there is a lot on the agenda next week... lunches with friends and babysitting and dinner with friends and a birthday celebration for my older son... he'll be 34... boy the time flys ... for today we have a spaghetti and meatball dinner planned ... and we can break in the new high chair I got for Elliott... that should be fun...

Well I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts and check out what everyone else is up to...there are quilt block on my design wall calling out for companionship ... I hope I can accommodate them later in the week...and I'm pondering several new quilt projects ... can't make up my mind which to start first...hope you have a great week ahead... I'm off to prep dinner and I had a thought where there might be another little bag of that fake snow... more snowmania...LOL!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh my goodness, Carol, I love all of your snow and your snowmen - they are so very cute. Enjoy all of your projects and your outings. You seem very busy for someone who says that they are not - lol!

  2. I think I want to live at your house, Carol!

  3. Your guys know you TOO well! You are blessed.

  4. Oh, I just love all the snowmen! I have very little winter and to tell you the truth, I felt like I had been decorating since September and I was pretty tired. Your post does make me think I will keep my eyes open for a few more cute snowmen! Have a great week! Oh, I forgot to say that I think the snowman quilt is wonderful!!

  5. I love all of your snowmen!!! I am keeping some of mine on display from Christmas as it is still Winter!!! Love the quilt! I am retiring in June from 32 years as an elementary school teacher and can't wait to have more time for cross stitching and quilting! You inspire me!!! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  6. You have some beautiful vignettes there. Love the sweet snowman quilt. Have a beautiful week enjoying a little stitching on your lovely Welcome piece.

  7. Aaaaaw!!! I love all of your snowman paraphernalia! Such fun! Your little 'welcome' piece is really darling. I'd welcome some winter in our parts. I'm tired of rain, temps between 50-60, and tornado watches! LOL! :)

  8. Love your Snowmania vignettes, Carol! That Snowman wall hanging makes me smile. Does the Dude leave the snow alone? We have been unseasonably mild here as well. Have a good week!

  9. Nice snowmen and winter decorations! The fabric color for the Prairie Schooler winter is beautiful.

  10. I'm quite impressed with all your snowmen. I like the idea of decorating in January using snowmen. As soon as I saw the pie tin frame I thought that is the coolest idea. And the added pompoms; extra cute!


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