Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowman mania.....

ok, remember how I said I had a thing for gingerbread men? Well, I'm fickle. I also have a thing for snowmen too - hey love the one you're with (if you got that reference you are definitely as old as me - LOL!) Anyway today I started getting out my snowman decor. I like the word "decor" - it sounds classier than collection of crap that lives in the storage room. First I got out this quilt...

its called Three Wise Snow Guys and was a Debbie Mumm pattern from a long time ago. It was a little wall quilt and I enlarged it - A LOT- like 5 times the original size. Right now it is hanging in the hallway in the kitchen where the gingerbread guy quilt was. I liked the 3 dimensional accents like the red bird and the scarves and the noses.

Over the years the noses have gotten more and more realistic and now they resemble carrots that are in my vegetable bin - kinda withered and wrinkled! And I found my snowman table runner I made last year.

I had this cute snowman fabric in non-traditonal colors and sewed it up using the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern. It was quick and easy and I quilted it with my favorite big wavy line pattern.

You just start at one side and lazily swing back and forth. Then turn the piece 90 degrees and do it again. You get a big wavy grid that kinda resembles a fishing net - no marking needed. This is going on the table in the foyer - I'll show more "decor" tomorrow.

Now hopefully this admission will make someone else out there feel better - I still have Christmas stuff up! Yep, I didn't start putting the Christmas "decor" away till this afternoon and I still have the tree to dismantle. What can I say, I'm a slug and my oldest son always makes me feel guilty for putting the Christmas stuff away. He loves Christmas and tries to get me to promise to leave it up till his birthday which is the middle of January. When I try to convince him that the holidays are over he then starts referring to the Christmas tree as a MLK tree - Martin Luther King - and insists it has to stay up till that holiday. I figure that this week is close enough and I'm ready to see it put away.

Hope your week is going well. We had some snow today, but it wasn't the white death they predicted - a couple of inches and it got cleaned up pretty well today.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Well the weather here on the east coast is just right for snowmen!!!!
    I also decor with snowmen for the month of Jan.
    Have a warm day--

  2. Your "men" problem made me chuckle and I did get your reference. Yep, love the one you're with! Cute quilts too.

  3. Hey, I got that reference--and I'm 28. :)

    My tree is also still up. Maybe this snow-in that's falling right now will narrow my options till I have to clean it up, lol!

  4. Lovely quilts! I'm a stitcher and quilter also...and also working on that Blackbird series right now. You've done much more than me...I've really only got parts of 1 and 2 finished. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Carol,

    The blocks for the SNW are great. But, I do believe the addition of the red and bright blue is what gave it life. Good job.
    Linda L.


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