Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today I am .....

Home Sweet Home -just like the quilt says!

We are experiencing the White Death here in southwest Ohio. I figure I shoveled about 3 inches off the driveway already and they are predicting another 3 to 5 inches before the day is over. My husband and oldest son had no trouble getting to work but the evening commute may be another story. Now my husband's commute is tiny - he's 3 stoplights from home. From our kitchen table to his desk takes about 5 minutes on a regular day. My son's commute is another story - plenty of expressway driving and hills, lots of hills, up and down - not going to be a good time.

Last night I finally got all of my winter quilts hung thanks to my oldest son - boy having a child with height is sooo much easier than dragging a stepladder around the room. I ended up doing all Debbie Mumm quilts in my family room. I think the Home Sweet Home quilt was a DM pattern. I don't actually remember, but I do remember that adding the words was my idea. That big open blue sky just needed something. And then there is my DM snowflake quilt...

This one hangs next to the mantle with all the snowguys. Every block is a different combo of off white/white and blue DM fabric. And I had forgotten about this one....

This was a Thimbleberries pattern - I think a BOM. I only used DM fabrics and you can see I had plenty to chose from. This is my favorite block...

sunflowers and the background has a spider web and a little spider on it. It is nice to think about sunflowers on a snowy day like today.

Okay - I think I'll sew a little and then go out for another round of shoveling. I consider it my aerobic exercise for the day. Hope you are snug and warm wherever you are!

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Hope everyone stays safe and warm! Love all your quilts!

  2. Love all your quilts. I think that one is a Thimbleberries and I have it in my stash - it looks familiar anyway. Hope everyone stays safe with the snow.

  3. Nice quilts! We've got about three inches of snow now too here in northeast Ohio, with more to come. Stay warm and stay safe!

  4. Carol, I just love visiting your blog for my own little quilt show. You do such beautiful work. Stay warm!


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