Thursday, January 6, 2011

Memory issues.....

So I unearthed the giant ziploc bag that held my Crazy Mom QAL project hostage and liberated the pieces. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had already sewn each and every yellow square to a white background square. This is gonna save time, and it is discoveries like these that make me happy I forget - LOL!

So here it is on my design wall. The top and bottom of the 4th round have been sewn together and stitched to the center. The side rows need to be sewn. I find as this gets bigger and bigger I stress less and less about what is next to what which speeds up the process immensely. Each yellow square is a different yellow fabric. Yes I have A LOT of yellows. It is my favorite color and I've been collecting for over 25 years.

These are a couple of my favorites from this round.

Another chicken - you can't have too many.

And this guy - isn't he cute in a 50's retro way? I have a scribbled diagram sheet that I made when I started this and I have all kinds of notes scrawled every where. I think I am going to use 362 different yellows each cut 3 1/4". Yeah, I know that is an odd measurement but I wanted it to be a generous queen size and if I can make out my handwriting this should finish about 93 inches square. Oh remember when I said I was going to quilt this myself - insert slapping me up side the head- that ain't gonna happen. It is already a pain to wrestle under the presser foot and it doesn't include batting or backing. This baby is going off to the long arm quilter for her to work her magic.

Last night I pulled out my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart to stitch on. Now I thought I was further along (darn there is that memory thing again) but I do like what I have done. I started another section and I like the color of that urn on the left. I think I'll park myself in front of the tv tonight and watch the local college basketball rivalry - University of Cincinnati versus Xavier University. It is called the Crosstown Shootout since both of these colleges are really only about 10 minutes distance from each other. UC is the public one, Xavier is a private Jesuit college. My oldest son has tickets to go the game. He's rooting for UC since he got his law degree there. My team is gonna win no matter how it turns out since I have an undergrad degree from UC and a MBA from Xavier. It should be fun to watch.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your Crazy Mom QAL is so fun! I love it...happy, happy! You're going to be done in no time!

  2. Oh my goodness--I am chuckling so bad I have tears--you are sooo entertaining--I love everyword you wrote--the quilt--oh the quilt==yes I also love the quilt--you have done very well in collecting sooo many yellows--they really are hard to find--I find any ways!!!
    Love the cross stitch too==I used to do that before I got into quilting!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

  3. Your quilt looks so cheery...I love it! Great progress on your AoTH! I've just started...I have a looong ways to go!

  4. Love that piece of sunshine quilt!!

    Your BBD looks great too!

  5. Oh Beautiful! (Yellow is my favorite too) I can't believe you found that many lovely yellows! This so cool!! And that memory thing - yes it hits me too. I did enjoy your post!


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