Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pincushion Winner Is...

Jill of Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor! I will be getting Jill's goodies in the mail right away since it is getting virtually impossible for me to resist opening the chocolate bar and eating it myself. (insert hanging head in shame) But hey, this time change has made me cranky, not that I'm not ordinarily cranky but a bit crankier - oh my family is happy with me. LOL!

And thank you to all who entered and became new followers. I appreciate it and I hope that I can share projects that you'll enjoy as much as I do.

I realized today that I never got around to a sampler last Sunday but I have one today. This is one by Drawn Thread called For the Birds.

I feed the birds in my backyard all year round and to fufill my arbritary rule that a piece had to have an alphabet and a house, there is a bird house on this piece. The cat in the corner has the same coloring as our dearly departed cat, Khat (yeah it is pronounced "cat" - not real orginal name). I love how the alphabet wraps around the piece as a frame.

I want to be clear that this was stitched years ago. I got an email this week from a reader who wondered how I get so much done. Well, I am lucky that before starting this blog I have had 25 years of stitching that I can show. I have been cross-stitching and quilting for over 25 years and added knitting the last couple of years. Also I was ADHD before they had a name for it. I've always been antsy and jump from thing to thing, but somehow in my 30's I harnessed that energy and even though I went from project to project I didn't sweat over starting new things because I was going back and finishing up older projects as I went along. I rarely make a quilt or stitch a piece that I don't start in enthusiastically, lose steam, find another project that I have to do right NOW, lose interest in it and then come back around and finish up some other project that I had started before. Life is not a straight line and I refuse to entertain too much guilt about having WIPs or UFOs. There is no quilt or cross stitch police and no one cares if you finish but you. That's my philosphy. Also it helps to do as little housework and cooking as I can possibly get by with. Thank you Lord for drive thru windows.

In keeping with my guilt free, lets start something new philosphy, I began a new cross stitch sampler on Friday and have made some significant progress. Also I got back out some quilt blocks I started last Spring and sewed up several of them, so I've circled back around again. I'll have pictures this week but right now it is dark down in my studio area (studio sounds so much classier than "I sew in the finished basement" doesn't it?) Two of my halogen light bulbs bit the dust today and I didn't have time to go and get some new ones. On the list of errands for tomorrow.

Hope your week has some happy stitching time in it! Check back and see what I'm up to, I'd love your company.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Congrats to the winner. And I love seeing the pieces that you've done over the years. Makes you remember that you have some of them in your stash and wondering why you never stitched them.

  2. Oh, love this one! I'm lol'ing at they idea of you stitching and getting framed a piece every week! But, I love seeing your archives. :D

  3. Oh that sampler is so pretty. Birds and more birds, just like I like them. LOL Congrats to Jill too!

  4. Oh thanks!! I can't wait to see it all in person! And love that sampler! I'm a cross stitcher, too, and just looked at my stash over the weekend. I was deciding whether to part with it or keep it for the future and I have decided to keep it. :)


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