Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poultry on parade

Today felt like Spring was right around the corner and I sure hope it is. I started my day by banishing all the snowmen decor on the first floor. I still have the basement family room to deal with but it will have to wait a day or two. My decor change is to chicken.... spring chickens!

I made this quilt years ago and I was going for a more "natural" looking chicken than the polka dot variety I'm so fond of now. Each chicken is a different feathery fabric, each background is a different green. I was so happy to find the barn wood looking fabric for the sashing and the border is quintessential 1990's Hoffman print.

The pattern is from Country Threads and I made the little wing section from a folded piece of fabric so it forms a bit of a pocket. I titled this one Poultry on Parade. I might make this one again someday with bright polka dot poultry.I think this was my gateway chicken project and from this all kinds of chickeny crafts have developed.

In addition to the chicken quilt I put out my chicken plates. They are by Warren Kimble and I have them displayed in this plate hanger in my breakfast nook - nice plump hens.

And here are the chicken pincushions I stitched up last week.

I made another polka dot one with red dots on yellow and I went for a random dot pattern for the little robin's egg blue one. Aren't his eyes great? They are a button I bought at Joann's and it had a shank and I snipped it off. I bought 2 cards of these jiggly eye buttons so I have 3 more to play with.

Check back in a day or two, I'm going to do a giveaway of a bright pincushion and some cute scissors I found at my LQS and chocolate will also be involved. I need to put some finishing touches on the pincushion and take some pictures. I think it will be a fun way to celebrate the coming of Spring. In case you hadn't heard this weekend in the Spring forward weekend for the time change -- I HATE that! Just leave the time alone! It will take me 2 weeks to adjust and I'll be crankier than usual - arghhh!!! Okay that's my rant for the day.

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Actually, time changes on Sunday the 13th, not the 6th. So you're happy for another week!

    Love the chicken quilt, haven't seent hat in a while. And the chicken pincushions are cute although I'd hear them saying "ouch" each time I'd stick a pin in them:)

  2. What another time change? Oh next weekend the 12th/13th. Oh shoot me now! LOL!! Well, I'll just have to look at your lovely chicken quilt to calm me down and make me laugh!

  3. Love all your goodies!! That blue chicken pincushion is too cute!!

  4. What cute chickens you have! I really like the pincushions, too cute.

  5. I love them all--what a cute chicken quilt--you do such lovely-cute work--thanks for sharing!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  6. I love your chickens! Both kinds :-) Looking forward to the giveaway......chocolate Yummy!

  7. We are chicken fans over here and I so love all of your chickens...adorable.!!

  8. Love the chickens! Great meeting you tonight at the Guild!!

  9. Your chickens are adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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