Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A mid week finish and of course another start!

Oh the weather is changing in my little corner of the world. Yesterday sunny and 70's, today still warmish, 60's but storms with tornado watches and tomorrow snow flurries and highs in the 40's. Excuse me Mother Nature but the weather is moving in the wrong direction, lets move back into those sunny 60's. Just a small request.

I did get a lot of stitching done in the last week and I have finish to show and of course I immediately started a new project. All thoughts about WIPs have been bumped to the rear of my mind as I pounce on another springy project.

Here is my finish, Summer Basket by Blackbird Designs. I LOVE THIS PIECE!

Oh those pretty golden stars, the basket with the giant tulips, the 3 little birds. It was such fun to move from one motif to another and I think it really quicken my stitching pace.

I put the first stitches in this piece on Friday March 11 and I finished it last evening, Tuesday March 22. Now watching March Madness gave me extra time in my stitching chair but other events kept me from putting in even one stitch on several days. Either way this had to be the quickest I have ever finished a sampler of this size. I can't wait to take and get it framed. I envision something in a warm golden tone, maybe even a gilded frame. I'll have to go and try out some possibilities.

And since I finished that piece I jumped right into one of the newest BBD Reward of Merit Pincushions, Gathering Basket.

This piece of linen is 32 count and I don't know the name but it is a lovely pale shade greeny blue. I won't have much left around the edges when I'm done stitching but it will be enough to sew it into a little pillow. I can't wait to stitch on this tonight with the CC Clay Pot and Jakey Brown colors. I love those pinks and dusty rose shades.

March Madness starts back up again tomorrow and with those chilly temperatures they are expecting outside I think I will have ample stitching time this week. Hope you are having some crafty time. Take care -

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. So pretty - the colors are very soothing and pleasing to the eye!

  2. Beautiful finish! I love that little birdie on the greenish grey linen. Great color combo!

  3. You choose the most gorgeous designs! Summer Basket is gorgeous and I love the new reward of merit design. I sure hope your spring arrives to stay soon.

  4. Love your stitchery...just love it!

  5. OOh, a lightning-quick finish as anticipated! :o

  6. Wow, you're needle was FLYING! It's a beautiful sampler and I'm with you I just love those gold stars. I think a nice, warm gold-ish frame would be beautiful. Can't wait to see what you find.

  7. Wow! Fastfastfast! Must be the exciting basketball games. Beautiful stuff here - love those stars.

  8. It's beautiful Carol! One of my favorite BBD designs. It's so feminine.

  9. Love the sampler! And that linen is gorgeous! Where do you have your pieces framed?

  10. Love the frame! Reminded me of the barnwood shelves we used to have:P


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