Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Springy stitching...

It is a beautiful day here - sunny and upper sixties - and I am loving it! These sweet little crocus popped the other day. That purple is electric, it just glows!

And to go along with the Spring flowers I've been doing a little springy stitching. Actually the name of this BBD piece is Summer Basket, but that big flower looks like a giant tulip to me (tulips are my favorite flower) and tulips just say Spring to me.

I'm using the overdyed threads it calls for - the pinks are GA Clover and I love all those stars which are GA Brandy. I had just enough to do the stars.

It calls for 2 skeins of Brandy but my LNS only had one and I couldn't wait to start this piece. I have another skein here but as is so often the case with hand dyed floss it isn't exactly the same. My older skein is a bit brighter but I think it will be fine for the zig zag border at the bottom that I haven't started yet. This piece is just flying. I started this last Friday and this has been a good week to get a lot of stitching done. I'll be spending the rest of the week watching college basketball and seeing how long my brackets hold. So far so good - I picked Butler and Morehead State. I root for the little guys. Soooo I'm going to go and gloat for the moment to my son (who's bracket already took a hit) because I'm sure my luck will be fleeting and tomorrow my bracket will be broke. Oh well- I enjoy watching the games and I think I'll be able to get a lot more done on this piece.

Happy stitching
carol fun


  1. Those crocuses (croci?) are gorgeous! I love purple and those are such a lovely purple. Those soft colors in Summer Basket are very pretty - can't wait to see your finish on this one.

  2. You picked Morehead State! GOOD for you! I picked Butler,Temple, and Richmond. Go Xavier!

  3. Love your new x-stitch project - it's beautiful.

    Good luck with your tourney! ;-)

  4. Those crocus are just beautiful! I really have to get myself some of those one of these days! :0)

  5. What amazing college basketball...way to go on those picks. I'm so this moment I'm way ahead of my son...notice I said at this moment...LOL! ENJOY the tournament!

  6. What a lovely piece! Good luck with your brackets. So far I'm two ahead of my daughter, but that won't last long, lol.

  7. I wish we had crocus, I just love them, but it's never cold enough for them to like it here. Love seeing your pictures.

    What a pretty piece! I think tulips are spring too.

  8. Oh that looks great! Love the colors!


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